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  1. @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) and @Vic Patterson, thank you very much for all this information and photographs. Its amazing to look back at old photographs and see the places they lived. The peoples History sounds like a fascinating book, I will certainly have a look at where to buy it! Once again, thank you very much for all your help! Donna Clark
  2. Hi everyone, I'm researching my great-grandmother Ellen Johnston nee Todd and great-grandad John Johnston. I've been looking into my family tree on and off for a few years, but I've always concentrated on my mams maternal side of the family so now I'm trying and find out about the paternal side. Her dad (my grandad) was John Johnston, born 1926. His mother was born Ellen Todd and married his father, also called John Johnston in 1922 in Morpeth. I have their marriage certificate so I know at the time they were married Ellen lived at Old Hall Bedlington, and John lived at 14 Clifton Row Netherton. Then from the 1939 register I can see that they lived at 38 Doctor Terrace, Bedlington. I've also recently found their headstone at Westlea Cemetery so I have their DOB and DOD. They had a few children, Thomas (Tommy), John, George (Geordie), James (Jimmy), Jane, Joseph (Joe), Billy and Robert Johnston. I'm just wondering if anybody here might remember the family? Have some stories or memories? May even be related? Or possibly have some photos of the places they lived (Old Hall, Clifton Row, Doctor Terrace)? I never met most of them so it would be nice to hear peoples memories of them. Thanks in advance, Donna Clark File0009.bmp
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