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  1. Yeah sorted cheers, not through any help from environmental health mind you. Not heard from them since, ridiculous. Think someone's just gotten sick and moved it themselves after we were getting nowhere. At least its gone now
  2. Hi, Any help/advice appreciated! We've had a smell coming from the neighbouring property since Friday. The council/environmental health and police are all unable to help. A bag containing a dead animal (dog/cat) has been dumped next door, at a property that has been empty for nearly 4 year. As its not council land they are unable to help due to the rules they have to follow as its not council property. We've had to put up with the smell from this all weekend and haven't been able to open any windows, and its been sooo warm over the weekend The bag is completely visible from the street, is filled with maggots and surrounded by flies and the smell in the area is horrendous. Apart from waiting around until the council try and trace the owner which could take a long time we are at a loss. Fed up Thanks Sarah
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