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  1. That would be great if you don't mind. I changed completely to Apple several years ago and regretted it ever since.
  2. Thanks Allan. Ive had several shots at doing an album but keep running Into problems, could be because I use Apple iMac. One face is great its a start.
  3. I doubt if anything like that would be remotely acceptable, if you could get anyone to go back underground these days. Funnily enough in High Pit Wilmas reply, I can confirm it was just as bad early 1960s at the High Pit Choppington. In fact they were a HELL of a lot worse. Look at those conditions in the photos above, almost a palace compared to the High Pit, then add lots of water underfoot, we wore wellingtons, and constant dripping of water. I swear we were under the River Wansbeck! Happy days!
  4. Yes I tried originally to make an album directly downloading from photos iOS. Most wouldn’t load. So I’ll see if I can load them from here or drop them onto my desktop first and try again unless you know an easier way.
  5. Oh I like that, all of it! That would be great. I haven't asked yet but I think Woodhorn Museum would like them, especially if we can put names to them. I just don't want them lost forever, its great history to save. High Pit Wilma and I were good mates, worked together as well at the High Pit. appreciate your help.
  6. I think any miner would tell you, your imagination can play tricks on you when you are underground. Look at photo 17. Probably a Deputy sitting on his KIst. Can you see the face near his left shoulder wearing a flat cap?
  7. The last two. If you can name anyone; count from the first photo No1 to the last No 19. and Use Left to Right to name the ie. Photo 4, Front Row, first on left Joe Blogs Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks, just hope I can get some names to faces. another 17 photos to fo;;ow
  9. Thanks, just hope I can get some names to faces. another 17 photos to fo;;ow
  10. Hi Folks, Im a virgin on here so gan canny with your comments! Ive found about 19 photos like this, I think from West Sleekburn Colliery in about the early 1950s? They were taken by my dad, Grundy Watson Yarrow who is pictured below, 1st from left, (Left to Right). I would like to put names to as many miners in the photos as possible and then hopefully send them all to Ashington Archives. Do you know any of the miners in the photos? Please name them Left to right, Although the photos are free to copy for personal use, They are copyright for use for profit making No1 No 2
  11. Eddie Yarrow

    West Sleekburn Colliery

    These photos were taken by my father Grundy Watson Yarrow I think about the early 1950s. They were taken underground at West Sleekburn Colliery.
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