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  1. Hi All, My mother, grandmother and grandfather lived at 26 Plessey Street, Netherton Colliery, until my grandfather died in 1922 when the steam submarine he was serving on, K5, dived and never resurfaced. There was some discussion as to why Plessey Street wasn't named until 1961, but on the telegram informing my grandmother of his loss the address is clearly shown! Anyone have any old photos of Plessey Street, or news reports of the loss of the K5 ? If so I would be grateful of anything related. My grandmother later lived in Bedlington at 19 Hartford Crescent, and later at Hogarth Cottages. Her name was Hannah Livingston, but in 1922 was known as Hannah Charman. Thanks.
  2. Hi, just a long shot but anyone here remember Ned and Hanna Livingston who used to live at 19 Hartford Cres? My Granddad Ned worked down the pit in Bedlington, frequented the 'club' especially on a Sunday lunch time, this was back in the late 50's early 60's.
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