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  1. the last people that looked at the old somerfield store were sainsburys ! but the area manager for somerfields has told some of the staff that weatherspoons have got the building !!!!!!!
  2. did you have a bad day barlass if so why ?
  3. hi ive claimed fpr the same as you but im not banking on getin three days
  4. so u were the strange person i saw briefly looking at the sign !!!!
  5. i sat opposite the new sign for an hour today and not one person looked at it ! can something not be done to get the empty shops used again ! why not get the buisness tax lowered on them and who knows you might not have to go out of bedlington to do you shopping !!!!
  6. if there is money to be spent in bedlington spend it on something that the public want not stupid signs !!!!!!!!
  7. no matter what you say its still a waste of cash !!!!!!!
  8. what a waste of money the new sign in the market place !!!! welcome to bedlington council tax must be able to be put to a better use than this ????
  9. hi billy pleased to hear ur ok i often see ur ash and see mac often if u want to no anything ill try and help u regards jon
  10. what ur name ? i was born in 1960 and lived at leechs estate
  11. i havnt had a pay rise for two years yet the csa want me to pay another nine pounds a week !!!! i dont think its fair !!!!
  12. im pleased u think that the amount of money they take off fathers is a joke it leaves u with no money for urself never mind to b able to treat ur kids when u have them for a weekend !!!!!!!
  13. well it lotto nite tonite so if im lucky i might b able to go out for the day if not ill b eating the easter eggs if my son is lucky enough to get sum
  14. the csa dont leave me enough to buy the fish and chips never mind run a car !!!!!!
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