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  1. I popped in to Cowells today. Bobby wasn't there but did get some info from Nicky and Kevin. The photo board was removed the last time the shop was decorated. Bobby took over the shop from a Mr Wilson. This was early 70's. Hopefully I'll get more info from Bobby when I see him and also something about Cramlington COOP over the road.
  2. 1. Which range of hills stands on the border between England and Scotland? Cheviot Hills 2. If you ordered pollo in an Italian restaurant what would you get? Pizza 3. Which team game has the positions first defence, in home and second attack? Netball 4. In the castle of which West Yorkshire market town was Richard II murdered? 5. Who wrote The Forsyte Saga? 6. A musket ball fired from the French ship Redoubtable killed which famous Englishman? Lord Nelson 7. What type of monkey is used as an organ grinder’s monkey? Capuchin 8. What was Hilary Clinton’s job prior to entering politics? Lawyer 9. Which former player tried to buy Celtic football club in 1998? Kenny Dalglish 10. What is the name of the earth’s outer layer? Mantel 11. In Cockney rhyming slang what is meant by ‘dickory dock’? Clock 12. What does the acronym UNESCO stand for?
  3. Eggy, I should have put the brain in gear and thought about the date the mother-in-law worked at the stn COOP. She would be very, very old now. I occasionally come across Bobby Cowell so will ask when he opened the shop and if he knows anything about the butcher or the COOP across the road. He's older than me so perhaps he knows a bit more. I will pop into Cowells and see if there is a photo board. I was in about 2 weeks ago and didn't notice anything. I wondered if there was a butchers there before it was Cowells. Pete suggests Raffie Davison had something to do with it. I know there was a local butcher called Raffie Douglas(possibly). He worked for the COOP on the butcher van. My mother often bought her meat from him when he called. The Raffie I'm thinking of lived in Melrose terrace at one time.
  4. Eggy, I should have put the brain in gear and thought about the date the mother-in-law worked at the stn COOP. She would be very, very old now. I occasionally come across Bobby Cowell so will ask when he opened the shop and if he knows anything about the butcher or the COOP across the road. He's older than me so perhaps he knows a bit more.
  5. In the photo provided by @Eggy1948 it shows the end of the COOP building and a window with a sign ?????????? Dept. in it. I think that was the butchers. To the right of that as we look at it there was a COOP general food store. Everything, well almost, was sold loose and measured out as required such as a 8ozs of sugar or 2lb of flour, etc. I remember a big red meat slicing machine sitting on a counter but not sure if the counter was in that COOP food store. The slicing machine had a very sharp spinning metal disk which cut the meat into slices and dropped it neatly onto a moving flat bed. It was propelled by someone turning a handle. I have in my mind the name of a man who could have been connected with that COOP. He is Joe Kane, a short dark guy with long sideburns. He may have been the manager and possibly a councillor. Can anyone confirm or not what I think? Eggy, perhaps the mother-in-law will know. I may be incorrect as this is drawn from memories made 60+years ago.
  6. I can remember a COOP butcher in Station road at the stn about where Keenleysides is. I'm 90% sure it was a Cramlington COOP butcher. My mother would take me there in a pushchair and we often left the butchers with a piece of white suet for me to chew. This was early 1950's. When I was a little older I used to go to the library at the stn. The entrance wasn't where it is now on the end of the building but faced east onto its small car park. This library was there in the 1950's and possibly before then.
  7. 1. Which actress played Basil Fawlty’s wife in Fawlty Towers? Prunella Scales 2. Which model replaced the Vauxhall Victor in 1975? Cavalier 3. What name is given to a reusable spacecraft such as Columbia or Challenger? Space Shuttle 4. Prior to 1810 where in London was all British coinage made? Tower of London 5. Which element has the atomic number 1? Plutonium 6. Born with the surname Fluck, which popular British actress died in 1984? Diana Dors 7. In what year was Princess Margaret married? 1960ish 8. What type of aircraft crashed over Lockerbie? 747 9. Sb is the symbol for Antimony. True or false? True 10. Which medical device was invented by Dr Rene Laennec to preserve the modesty of female patients? Catheter 11. Who was the tallest of Robin Hood’s men? Little John 12. With which hand does Def Leppard’s drummer, Rick Allen play the drums? Right
  8. Canny Lass, I've just done a Win10 upgrade without any problems. Like you for this site my login details are remembered. I didn't have to login to get back into this site. Do you have any security software running that may be being extra protective since the upgrade? You need to speak with someone who knows about these things. It may be worth a google to see if anyone else has had similar problems. Search " passwords not saved since Win10 upgrade" or similar. Or, "a popup has appeared since Win10 upgrade" You may get lucky.
  9. Canny Lass, That popup seems a bit suspicious. Someone after your login details? You need to speak with someone who knows about these BEFORE you do anything.
  10. In a search for the Market Place Club I found a photo of the club with a dormer window in the roof. Without standing outside of the club or looking out of the dormer with a copy of the photo in question in my hand my best guess is the photo was taken from that dormer.
  11. 1. In Greek mythology who was the God of the Underworld? Hades 2. Who had a number one hit in 1982 with Happy Talk? Captain Sensible 3. Who was once reported to have bitten off a bat’s head on stage? ??????? Starr 4. Rudolf Hess was the last prisoner in which prison? Spandow 5. What colour is a ship’s starboard light? Green 6. What is the unit of currency in Norway? Krone 7. Along with the kayak which other type of canoe is used in the Olympics? A 2 seater 8. What is the Vulgate a version of? 9. What is the largest continent in the world? Asia 10. What is a Pirani Gauge used to measure? Temperature related resistance 11. How many horns does an Indian rhinoceros have? One 12. From which tree does the chewing gum ingredient ‘chicle’ come? The Yam
  12. Jammy


    Thanks for the replies. I didn't imagine for one minute that it would be a coop that works the same way as ours. The coop trading principal obviously works in many countries. I wiser now!
  13. Jammy


    I was watching some skiing on the tv over the weekend with the competitors wearing bibs with COOP printed on them. I wonder what the COOP stands for, surely not the one we know. This skiing was in Falum, Sweden so probably a question for Canny Lass.
  14. 1. Which instrument is used to measure the strength of earthquakes? A Richter scale 2. In which country is the source of the Amazon? Peru 3. What name is given to the cultivation of plants without soil? Hydroponics 4. What was the Christian name of the Mr. Marks who set up penny bazaars with Thomas Spencer in 1887? ------- 5. Which stretch of water separates Denmark from Sweden? The Baltic sea 6. Which two cartoon characters were used by the Ministry of Food during WW2 to promote the benefits of vegetables? --------- 7. Who had a Top Ten hit with Jo le Taxi? Vanessa Paradee 8. Who chose Ottawa to be the capital of Canada? Queen Victoria 9. The volume of what shape is equal to a third of the area of its base multiplied by its height? A cylinder 10. Androphobia is the fear of who or what? Men 11. How many years of marriage are celebrated in a china wedding anniversary? 10yrs 12. Which former Prime Minister was created Earl of Stockton in 1984? Harold MacMillan
  15. Did you know that should you pick up a guinea pig by the tail its eyes pop out?
  16. 19. In which American state is there a law stating that pets must carry a light on their tails at night? Does this apply to guinea pigs as well?
  17. 1. In the book of Genesis, which land is said to lie to the east of Eden? Palestine 2. Marble is formed by the metamorphosis of which rock? Limestone 3. What would you do in a Cambio? Relieve ones self 4. Which European country produces Tokay? Hungary 5. Which football club play at Gresty Road and are nicknamed the Railwaymen? Crewe Alaxandra 6. How is deoxyribonucleic acid better known? DNA 7. Tverskaya is the name of one of Moscow’s most important streets. What was it called prior to 1990? Lenin Way 8. That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind, said Neil Armstrong. Which of his feet, right or left, made that first step on the moon? Neither individually, both together. 9. What is a killick? An anchor 10. What do fennel leaves taste of? Licorice 11. What does the name Spam stand for? Special pressed ham 12. Who lived at 221b Baker Street? Sherlock Holmes
  18. 1. What do we call a female donkey? A Jenny 2. What is the national airline of the Netherlands? KLM 3. What kind of clothing is a ‘dolly varden’? A Hat 4. Between 1830 and 1850, 20 000 people died of Cholera in London. How is Cholera spread? Contaminated Water 5. How high is Mount Everest? 29,305 feet (increases every year) 6. WW2 seems to have changed course with the battle for a small atoll in the Pacific Ocean. What is the name of the atoll? Midway 7. Why is a standard wine-bottle 750 mls? Something to do with a gallon? 8. On what did John D. Rockefeller earn his wealth? Stock Market 9. Which number did David Beckham have on his shirt when he played for Manchester United? No. 7 10. Who did Ingemar Johansson beat to become world champion and where did the fight take place? Floyd Patterson and ???? 11. What does the term ‘wifi’ stand for? Wireless fidelity 12. Who was the 13th century founder and first emperor of the Mogul Empire? Mogul
  19. 1. In a game of snooker, which colour ball is worth 5 points? Blue 2. In which novel did Michael Henchard sell his wife for five guineas? 3. What do we call the loss of water from the leaves of plants? Transpiration 4. Who had a hit in 1972 with the song Sylvia’s mother? Dr Hook 5. If A is Alpha and T is Tango what is M? Mike 6. True or false: Glyndebourne Opera House is in East Sussex? False 7. In which country is the Vosges mountain range? Germany 8. What do the initials C.G. stand for on an Ordnance Survey Map? Cattle Grid 9. How many standard bottles are there in a Nebuchadnezzar? 20 10. Which is the only bird that can fly backwards Humming Bird 11. If a person is lapidated what happens to them? 12. Whose legendary horse was called Lamri?
  20. I tried to warn my now deceased mate about the dangers of playing Russian roulette, but it was in one ear and out of the other.
  21. 1. What is the more common name for the clavicle? Collar bone 2. With which sport do you associate Michael Jordan? Basketball 3. Who was the last Saxon king of England? Harold 4. Which English playwright was murdered by his lover , Kenneth Halliwell, in 1967? 5. What nationality was the composer Edvard Grieg? Swiss 6. Where in London would you see the White Tower? Tower of London 7. Which sorceress turned Odysseus’ men into swine? 8. What is the Celtic name for ‘river’? Avon 9. Who said “We live over the shop”? Granville 10. Which Berkshire school did Prince Charles attend? Cheam 11. In which TV series did Jimmy Nail play a Geordie detective? Spender 12. Pomeroy, Von Schneider, Winterbottom and Sir Toby,were the dinner guests. Who was the hostess? Margaret Thatcher
  22. 1. Which former pop-star owned the company that made The Life of Brian and had a one line part in a crowd scene? Paul McCartney 2. What can be upside down, ginger or Dundee? Dundee 3. Which country hosted the summer Olympics in 1932? Canada 4. What occupation is involved with stretchers and headers? Bricklayer 5. On which river does Amsterdam stand? Rhine 6. What is the millionth of a metre called? Micron 7. Who is the prime minister of France? 8. What sort of drink is pekoe? Liqueur 9. Who had a pet chimp called Chee Chee? Michael Jackson 10. Which Bridge on the River Thames has a central portion that can be raised to allow ships into London? Tower Bridge 11. Which sports commentator talked of an ‘up and under’ and an ‘early bath’? Eddie Waring 12. What is a dirndl? The end of a road
  23. 1. What does the symbol HB stand for on a pencil? Hard Black 2. What is the motto of the BBC? ---- 3. England’s best ever win at football was 13-0. Who were they playing? Malta 4. In which year were cars first required to be registered? 1901 5. In WW2, what was the codename given by Hitler to the German invasion of Russia? Barbarosa 6. How many years are celebrated with a platinum anniversary? 60 years 7. What is the layer of rock immediately under the crust of the Earth called? Mantel 8. Which animal lives in a ‘citadel’? A mole 9. What is the name of the Queen’s residence in Norfolk? Sandringham 10. Brassica Oleracea is better known as what? Cauliflower 11. Who discovered the basic laws of genetics while analysing peas in a monastery garden? ----- 12. What does a Buck Rarebit have that a Welsh Rarebit does not? Rabbit
  24. 1. Which is the largest instrument in the string section of an orchestra? Double Bass 2. Which tea is known as ‘the champagne of teas’? Sri Lanka 3. Who had a hit single in 1955 with Rock Around the cCock? Jerry Lee Lewis 4. Which metal is the best conductor of heat and electricity? Gold 5. In which sport would you use a trudgen? Swimming 6. John Rivers and Lord Napier are types of what? Clothing 7. In a game of tenpin bowling, if a person starts by throwing 12 consecutive strikes, what would their score be? 300 8. What colour is a giraffe’s tongue? Purple 9. In which book of the Bible are the Ten Commandments set out for the first time? 10. What tree can be green, black, white or blue? Xmas tree 11. What is the first animal listed in an English dictionary? Aardvark 12. Who was the first Conservative prime minister?
  25. 1. What was the surname of the character played by Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry films? Callahan 2. In which English county is Welwyn Garden City? Gloucestershire 3. What is the principal chemical found in diamonds? Carbon 4. What name is given to the indentation on a brick which holds the mortar? The frog 5. What was the favourite food of Paddington Bear? Porridge 6. Which of these countries does NOT drive on the left: New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Cyprus? Sweden 7. In which sport would you compete for the America’s Cup? Yacht Sailing 8. What colour is the spot in the middle of the Japanese flag? Red 9. Which of the Seven Wonders of the World was created by the sculptor Phidias about 430BC? The hanging gardens of Babylon 10. Which football club is nicknamed The Canaries? Norwich City 11. Who was the first British woman to take a seat in the House of Commons? 12. Where would you find cerumen in the human body?
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