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  1. 1. In a game of snooker, which colour ball is worth 5 points? Blue 2. In which novel did Michael Henchard sell his wife for five guineas? 3. What do we call the loss of water from the leaves of plants? Transpiration 4. Who had a hit in 1972 with the song Sylvia’s mother? Dr Hook 5. If A is Alpha and T is Tango what is M? Mike 6. True or false: Glyndebourne Opera House is in East Sussex? False 7. In which country is the Vosges mountain range? Germany 8. What do the initials C.G. stand for on an Ordnance Survey Map? Cattle Grid 9. How many standard bottles are there in a Nebuchadnezzar? 20 10. Which is the only bird that can fly backwards Humming Bird 11. If a person is lapidated what happens to them? 12. Whose legendary horse was called Lamri?
  2. I tried to warn my now deceased mate about the dangers of playing Russian roulette, but it was in one ear and out of the other.
  3. 1. What is the more common name for the clavicle? Collar bone 2. With which sport do you associate Michael Jordan? Basketball 3. Who was the last Saxon king of England? Harold 4. Which English playwright was murdered by his lover , Kenneth Halliwell, in 1967? 5. What nationality was the composer Edvard Grieg? Swiss 6. Where in London would you see the White Tower? Tower of London 7. Which sorceress turned Odysseus’ men into swine? 8. What is the Celtic name for ‘river’? Avon 9. Who said “We live over the shop”? Granville 10. Which Berkshire school did Prince Charles attend? Cheam 11. In which TV series did Jimmy Nail play a Geordie detective? Spender 12. Pomeroy, Von Schneider, Winterbottom and Sir Toby,were the dinner guests. Who was the hostess? Margaret Thatcher
  4. 1. Which former pop-star owned the company that made The Life of Brian and had a one line part in a crowd scene? Paul McCartney 2. What can be upside down, ginger or Dundee? Dundee 3. Which country hosted the summer Olympics in 1932? Canada 4. What occupation is involved with stretchers and headers? Bricklayer 5. On which river does Amsterdam stand? Rhine 6. What is the millionth of a metre called? Micron 7. Who is the prime minister of France? 8. What sort of drink is pekoe? Liqueur 9. Who had a pet chimp called Chee Chee? Michael Jackson 10. Which Bridge on the River Thames has a central portion that can be raised to allow ships into London? Tower Bridge 11. Which sports commentator talked of an ‘up and under’ and an ‘early bath’? Eddie Waring 12. What is a dirndl? The end of a road
  5. 1. What does the symbol HB stand for on a pencil? Hard Black 2. What is the motto of the BBC? ---- 3. England’s best ever win at football was 13-0. Who were they playing? Malta 4. In which year were cars first required to be registered? 1901 5. In WW2, what was the codename given by Hitler to the German invasion of Russia? Barbarosa 6. How many years are celebrated with a platinum anniversary? 60 years 7. What is the layer of rock immediately under the crust of the Earth called? Mantel 8. Which animal lives in a ‘citadel’? A mole 9. What is the name of the Queen’s residence in Norfolk? Sandringham 10. Brassica Oleracea is better known as what? Cauliflower 11. Who discovered the basic laws of genetics while analysing peas in a monastery garden? ----- 12. What does a Buck Rarebit have that a Welsh Rarebit does not? Rabbit
  6. 1. Which is the largest instrument in the string section of an orchestra? Double Bass 2. Which tea is known as ‘the champagne of teas’? Sri Lanka 3. Who had a hit single in 1955 with Rock Around the cCock? Jerry Lee Lewis 4. Which metal is the best conductor of heat and electricity? Gold 5. In which sport would you use a trudgen? Swimming 6. John Rivers and Lord Napier are types of what? Clothing 7. In a game of tenpin bowling, if a person starts by throwing 12 consecutive strikes, what would their score be? 300 8. What colour is a giraffe’s tongue? Purple 9. In which book of the Bible are the Ten Commandments set out for the first time? 10. What tree can be green, black, white or blue? Xmas tree 11. What is the first animal listed in an English dictionary? Aardvark 12. Who was the first Conservative prime minister?
  7. 1. What was the surname of the character played by Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry films? Callahan 2. In which English county is Welwyn Garden City? Gloucestershire 3. What is the principal chemical found in diamonds? Carbon 4. What name is given to the indentation on a brick which holds the mortar? The frog 5. What was the favourite food of Paddington Bear? Porridge 6. Which of these countries does NOT drive on the left: New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Cyprus? Sweden 7. In which sport would you compete for the America’s Cup? Yacht Sailing 8. What colour is the spot in the middle of the Japanese flag? Red 9. Which of the Seven Wonders of the World was created by the sculptor Phidias about 430BC? The hanging gardens of Babylon 10. Which football club is nicknamed The Canaries? Norwich City 11. Who was the first British woman to take a seat in the House of Commons? 12. Where would you find cerumen in the human body?
  8. 1. Which household appliance was patented by Cecil Booth in 1901? Vacuum cleaner 2. In bookmaker’s slang what odds are denoted by ‘double carpet’ 3. Who did Bjorn Borg defeat in 1976 to win his first Wimbledon singles title? Ille Nastase 4. What is the more common name of the chemical Ethylene Glycol? Anti Freeze 5. In what year were dog licences abolished in Britain? 1986 6. On a Monopoly board, which property clockwise is situated after the Water Works? 7. In which part of the British Isles would you find bailiwicks? Channel Islands 8. In which war was the battle of Gettysburg? American War of Independence 9. By what name is the plant Lonicera better known? Honeysuckle 10. Which Archbishop of Canterbury seized the devil’s nose in a pair of red-hot tongs? 11. What is the longest river in Scotland? The Tay 12. What is the medical name for Rabies? Hydrophobia
  9. @Canny lass you will be correct. I can remember looking at the Howard terrace wall sign. Just got the wall it was affixed to at the wrong end of the terrace.
  10. When I lived in Jubilee Terrace any letters from the DWP, usually telling me I have a few pence pension rise, were always addressed Jubilee Terrace, Bank Top, Bedlington. This makes me wonder when did the DWP create a database of addresses. They were the only government department that used that address. I'm guessing that Howard Terrace was added to the end of Glassey Terrace sometime later. At a later date Howard terrace was name changed to Glassey terrace because of confusion with another Howard terrace at the Top End.
  11. 1. Nairobi is the capital of which African country? Kenya 2. Which planet is nearest the sun? Mercury 3. What name, derived from the Latin for ‘old man’, is sometimes given to the legislative assembly of a country? Senet 4. Which wine is flavoured with pine resin? 5. Which organ is inflamed when you are suffering from Nephritis? Kidney(s) 6. Which swimmer won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games? Marc Spitz 7. Who was the last prisoner to be held at the Tower of London? 8. Which bottle size is equivalent to 12 standard bottles? Magnum 9. Which West End and Broadway musical was adapted from T.S. Elliott’s Old Possum Poems? Cats 10. How many points win a game of Cribbage? 21 points 11. What name is given to an eagle’s home? Eyrie (Eagles nest) 12. What do we call the chemical process by which a substance combines with oxygen to produce heat and light? Combustion
  12. 1. What does a cricket umpire signal by raising one arm horizontally? No ball 2. Which writer was imprisoned because of his relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas? 3. A strobilus is another name for what? 4. What was the occupation during the French revolution of a tricoteuse? Guillotine sharpener 5. When referring to radio waves what do the initials AM stand for? Amplitude Modulation 6. Which island separates the two principal parts of Niagara Falls? Ram Island 7. In which film did Bob Hoskins play Eddie Valiant? 8. Who won the women’s Olympic 100 metres in 1992? Gail Devers 9. Which terrier is the largest of the terrier breeds? Airedale 10. In mythology what happened if you drank the water of the River Lethe? 11. For every seven white keys on a piano how many black keys are there? 5 12. The deficiency of which vitamin can cause rickets? Vitamin D(needed for the body to absorb calcium)
  13. 'I think it was @Malcolm Robinson who took the photo without any clothing added' There are no leaves on the trees so he was probably quite cold standing there in the nude with his flasher in his hands!
  14. Behind the later YMCA building there is a flat field with something going on. Does anyone know what is happening on the field? My guess is it's a sports day. I didn't know that field existed. There appears to be footpath access from both ends.
  15. 1. Who was the original lead singer with heavy rock band Deep Purple? 2. Who was Liza Minelli’s famous mother? Judy Garland 3. Which football league club used to play at Goldstone Ground? 4. Roy Jenkins was the founder of which political party? Liberal democrats 5. What type of creature is a ‘flying phalanger’? A type of flying(gliding) Squirrel 6. What is the capital of Honduras? 7. What name is commonly given to the area around Stoke-on-Trent? The Potteries 8. Who invented the bouncing bomb (and no, it wasn’t Bobby Ball)? Barnes Wallis 9. Over what distance is the Classic horse race ‘The Oaks’ run? 3 miles 10. Who coined the phrase “a land fit for heroes to live in”? Winston Churchill 11. Which reactive metal is represented by the symbol Ba? 12. If Monday’s child is fair of face what is Wednesday’s child? Full of Woe
  16. I've found these 2 images of the Wallaw after it became a night club. The roof is higher as I thought and the sandstone crowns are gone from the corners of the building. It seems my memory cells are still intact(well some of them).
  17. This phase comes to mind when a sweet or an item of food is dropped. Don't pick it up and eat it 'The Devil has Kissed it'. A good one to teach the grandkids cause it still applies.
  18. I wonder if the Palace was altered at a later date. I thought the roof was steeper, no chimney protruding through the roof and no crowns on the corners when it was the Wallaw. Does anyone know if it was only a theatre then converted to show films? A 50's or early 60's photo would confirm, or not! I think the last time I was inside was when I watched a Dracula film at the age of 15yrs. Once I was legally allowed to watch them I didn't go. Does anyone remember Torchy(Jack Tate) who seemed to always be flashing his torch along the rows even if you just talked to a mate! He used to get into a right state when the cavalry came over the hill to sort out the indians and all the younger watchers started stamping their feet. Other memories, Pearl and Dean, Looney tunes and an interlude to buy ice creams or lollies. A film called 'The Nudist Story' had us young lads very wide eyed! Happy days.
  19. When we were kids we spent hours in the spring catching toads from the 'A' pit pond(s). We didn't do anything with them, we caught them because we could. I remember there was competition to see who could catch the most. We put them back when we were hungry and went home for something to eat. We were never challenged by any blokes for being there. Every year my uncle wanted one in the spring for his greenhouse to catch the slugs that appeared overnight and the odd insect during the day. The toad he got that had fed well over the summer disappeared early winter. It didn't reappear the next spring. Did it get the urge to breed and dig its way out or escape through the open door, I wonder. We never caught any frogs in the pond and we didn't see any frogspawn, only the long strings of toad spawn. Frogs mustn't have liked the water taste or there wasn't any food there for them.
  20. 1. Charles Rolls founded Rolls Royce in 1906 but what aviation record did he set in 1910? He flew over the channel and back non stop. 2. In which year was Lord Mountbatten killed by the IRA? 1973 3. If you were described as an ectomorph what would you be? 4. What is a young male zebra called? A colt 5. Which football club folded in 1992 after 66 years in the League? 6. Who designed the Volkswagen car? Ferdinand Porsche 7. What is the country home of the Marquess of Bath? Longleat 8. How many furlongs in a mile? 8 9. In which conflict did Prince Andrew fly a helicopter? The Falklands 10. In which sport could you have a York Round and a Hereford Round? 11. What name is given to expressions like ‘catch the town drain’ and ‘tasted two worms’? 12. How many eggs does a peacock lay in a year? None. It's the Peahen that lays eggs
  21. Eggy. Looking at the roofline mark on the wall in the space you point out it appears the toilet block carried on beyond the wall that is standing. Perhaps that wall was built after the toilets were demolished as a boundary between club property and the councils land. All of the picnic photos that I've viewed are taken with the photographers back to the toilet except for the one I posted. Perhaps there will be picnic photos taken from the other side of the street showing exactly where the toilet block stood.
  22. Found this image which may help work out where the toilets were. I hope it uploads ok.
  23. Yesterday I called in at the scouts hut when the East meets West black belt academy was there and spoke to one of the instructors. The building still belongs to the Scouts Association and the East meets West black belt academy rents the building and have done for 15yrs. The scouts have a lockup room where they keep some things. I wonder why there are no cubs or scouts using the building. I remember when Henner Forsythe was the scout master and his wife was cub master(?). I was told at the time there was a waiting list to join the cubs so can only think finding replacements for those roles when the Forsythes retired was the problem. Whatever the reason it's a shame because I had some great times in the cubs and scouts and I'm sure many more would have if given the opportunity. Jammy
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