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  1. 1. Of which instrument was the sackbut a forerunner? Trombone 2. Which Riviera fishing village was an independent republic from the 15th to the 17th century? 3. What are young grouse or partridge called? Cheepers 4. Who invented the steam turbine in 1884? Parson 5. What is your philtrum?
  2. @Jammy - but was the Grey Lady 👤 a physio? A good question that I cannot answer. I don't think any of the female physio's were old enough unless they could change their appearance for daytime use! Residents could leave the hall every evening after tea but had to be back by 9.30. Our choice for brown hydration was Guide Post club on a thursday evening. It was easy to get to using the United bus outside the hall to the doors of the club for opening time at 6.00 with the reverse journey reaching the hall at 9.25 for lights out at 10 if I remember correctly. Everyone went home on a fri
  3. I was in Hartford Hall in 1972 but wasn't a pitman. Joyce Miller, a physio, was married to a German at one time and was called Muller but changed her name but not sure if it was by deed poll. Jimmy Luke was there and head physio. Mrs Mack (Jill?) from Gosforth, I believe, was also there as a physio. Ollie lived in the gate house and now lives in Newbiggin, so I understand. He was an ex military training instructor and was like a greyhound in training. A very, very fit physio. There was a dark haired lass who lived in the garage/shop on Shields Road so not far away. Als
  4. The hen Blackbirds in your photos are showing partial yellow beaks so perhaps your cock birds also have a yellow beak. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know please. I'm interested and would like to know.
  5. 'I couldn't swear to it but I would say Blackbird - extract from Wikipedia = The adult male of the common blackbird (Turdus merula merula which is the nominate subspecies), which is found throughout most of Europe, is all black except for a yellow eye-ring and bill and has a rich, melodious song; the adult female and juvenile have mainly dark brown plumage. This species breeds in woods and gardens, building a neat, mud-lined, cup-shaped nest. It is omnivorous, eating a wide range of insects, earthworms, berries, and fruits. So that description doesn't fully match yours but my ageing eyes
  6. Scribbleyjack eggs. The name scribbleyjack maybe a local name and I've known it since I understood words. It's easy to understand why its called a scribbleyjack by the patterns on the eggs. I found many nests when I was a youth, sadly there are not many to find now. When farming practices altered and the stubble was ploughed in and sown before winter the birds couldn't glean the stubbles over winter so starved. Many other birds suffered because of the autumn sowing including Linnets and Skylarks.
  7. 1. According to the Bee Gees where did all the lights go down? Massachusetts 2. In which constellation is Rigel the brightest star? 3. What was The Elephant Man’s real name ? 4. Which adult male singing voice is lower than tenor and higher than bass? Baritone 5. How many players are there in a baseball team? 9 6. Which pop group derived their name from an unemployment benefit form? UB40 7. What is the capital of Belize? 8.
  8. 1. How many sides has a parallelogram? 4 2. Which country won the 1998 World Cup? France 3. What sort of creature is a Whirligig? A water beetle 4. Which US duo asked us to Walk Right Back in 1961? The Everly Brothers 5. Which two nations fought at the Battle of Agincourt?
  9. I popped in to Cowells today. Bobby wasn't there but did get some info from Nicky and Kevin. The photo board was removed the last time the shop was decorated. Bobby took over the shop from a Mr Wilson. This was early 70's. Hopefully I'll get more info from Bobby when I see him and also something about Cramlington COOP over the road.
  10. 1. Which range of hills stands on the border between England and Scotland? Cheviot Hills 2. If you ordered pollo in an Italian restaurant what would you get? Pizza 3. Which team game has the positions first defence, in home and second attack? Netball 4. In the castle of which West Yorkshire market town was Richard II murdered? 5. Who wrote The Forsyte Saga? 6. A musket ball fired from the French ship Redoubtable killed
  11. Eggy, I should have put the brain in gear and thought about the date the mother-in-law worked at the stn COOP. She would be very, very old now. I occasionally come across Bobby Cowell so will ask when he opened the shop and if he knows anything about the butcher or the COOP across the road. He's older than me so perhaps he knows a bit more. I will pop into Cowells and see if there is a photo board. I was in about 2 weeks ago and didn't notice anything. I wondered if there was a butchers there before it was Cowells. Pete suggests Raffie Davison had something to do with it. I kn
  12. Eggy, I should have put the brain in gear and thought about the date the mother-in-law worked at the stn COOP. She would be very, very old now. I occasionally come across Bobby Cowell so will ask when he opened the shop and if he knows anything about the butcher or the COOP across the road. He's older than me so perhaps he knows a bit more.
  13. In the photo provided by @Eggy1948 it shows the end of the COOP building and a window with a sign ?????????? Dept. in it. I think that was the butchers. To the right of that as we look at it there was a COOP general food store. Everything, well almost, was sold loose and measured out as required such as a 8ozs of sugar or 2lb of flour, etc. I remember a big red meat slicing machine sitting on a counter but not sure if the counter was in that COOP food store. The slicing machine had a very sharp spinning metal disk which cut the meat into slices and dropped it neatly onto a moving flat b
  14. I can remember a COOP butcher in Station road at the stn about where Keenleysides is. I'm 90% sure it was a Cramlington COOP butcher. My mother would take me there in a pushchair and we often left the butchers with a piece of white suet for me to chew. This was early 1950's. When I was a little older I used to go to the library at the stn. The entrance wasn't where it is now on the end of the building but faced east onto its small car park. This library was there in the 1950's and possibly before then.
  15. 1. Which actress played Basil Fawlty’s wife in Fawlty Towers? Prunella Scales 2. Which model replaced the Vauxhall Victor in 1975? Cavalier 3. What name is given to a reusable spacecraft such as Columbia or Challenger? Space Shuttle 4. Prior to 1810 where in London was all British coinage made?
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