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  1. Charles Collingwood was born in Bedlington in 1915 and died 2000, anyone who knew Charles would you leave a message so i could contact you. My earlier posts explain the reason for searching family past and present. Regards Thelma Collingwood
  2. Thankyou Alan i did what you suggested and two Collingwood names appeared. I have sent them messages hoping i will get a reply. Thankyou once again. Regards Thelma Collingwood
  3. My name is Thelma Collingwood i was born in Cramlington in 1949. I have recently been contacted by members of the Collingwood family as far as New Zealand on Ancestery enquiring about family past and present. My grandfather who was killed in Action WWI James Robert Collingwood born in Glebe Row or Road Bedlington. He had siblings George also killed in WW1, John i know some of his family, Frederick, Eleanor, Sarah, Margaret Anne. We believe there are more siblings. My great grandparents were Charles and Annie, Charles was from Keelby Lincolnshire and settled in Bedlington. If anyone is part of this family of Collingwoods please reply to this message so we can get in touch. Thelma Collingwood
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