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  1. Hi Wilma, as you say running up the bridge steps was a simple pleasure enjoyed by many. The area around the colliery and station was where many an adventure was to be had.
  2. Thanks for the reply,links and photos Alan, I had seen some of them but not all. As you said no photos taken from the front entrance but hopefully one will turn up eventually. I was up north earlier this year and spent an enjoyable couple of hours walking from the Bedlington north signal box down to the black bridge and back taking some measurements etc and seeing how it looks today.
  3. Hi to all and thanks for allowing me to join the group. I was born and raised at “ the station” and share a lot of the same memories as others that I have read about on this site. I am currently living in cheshire and being retired have decided to try my hand at building a model railway as a hobby. I am hoping to recreate some of my childhood memories by building the model based on Bedlington railway station and surrounding area as it was in the 1950’s. While doing some research I have seen some great photos on this site and others that will help towards this. The one photo that I’v
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