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  1. Andy Millne That does not sound good i assume not to be seen again once deleted Thanks for everyone's help👍
  2. I have just gone back to the start when i first received the message, this was on the 7th April the message said nextstep has sent you a message, i read the message and looked at the picture. When i went back into the message the next day i had a screen come up saying ( cannot locate the item you are trying to view) error code 2s136/c contact us. But i did not get any further i don't know if this will help Regards
  3. Hi Alan That was the message i have seen but it had a picture attached, the next time i tried to go into the message it could not be found and i needed to report it which i did but I've heard nothing from that. Regards
  4. Hi Alan Just a question, the post that nextstep sent to me contained a photograph of my grandad and aunt with a dog some how it disappeared is there any way of finding it? Regards
  5. Hi Alan Yes i found the picture thanks again, looking at that picture and the one i have, i must have the school photo which is one of just me on my own if they did them then because they are so similar. Regards
  6. Thank you so much Andy for your help👍
  7. Hi I was sent a picture of grandad and your mum together outside the back gate, it was sent by nextstep which i found out it was Frank Hutton unfortunately i lost the picture some how me and technology don't get on😂 so i messaged Frank but have no reply. Are you on messenger? If so use my email address if you prefer👍x
  8. Hi Roseanne, I will continue chatting later today just doing a couple of jobs👍 down side to retirement. X
  9. Hi I am doing ok, did you send a photo not long ago? Best regards
  10. Thanks so much Alan for your help👍
  11. Thanks Alan i will do some searching. Do you know the name nextstep in this group i think he may be a relative he sent a picture but lost touch. Thanks again
  12. Can anyone remember john and olive greaves who lived in shiney row, these were my grandparents i lived in barrington. When the pits closed when i was 8 we moved to staffordshire so i am just trying to get some photos and maybe a relative contact. Thanks in advance Keith
  13. My nan and grandad were called graves olive and john who lived in shiney row my grandad worked at the doctor pit all his life unfortunately he died with cancer when i was 15. Our family moved from Barrington to stoke on trent when i was 8 my aunty Christine lives in Ashington.
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