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  1. @Symptoms thank you for your reply and i have seen the papers on that website but not for the years i need. all the Morpeth Herald before 1920 and after 1935 are all on there but for some reason theres no paper between them dates and cant find out why
  2. @Ovalteeny i have looked thought the Blyth News and they only really report the Fixtures and results, Now the Morpeth Herald did no match reports for all the teams in that league but the dates i want is when there no Morpeth Herald papers anywhere in the archives. @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) thank you and i will look for them on facebook now
  3. does anyone know what happened to the Morpeth Herald between 1920 and 1935 as can seem to find any papers archived at all? before and after these dates are there. did they stop printing or are they just lost?
  4. i was there today and just started to look, but the problem i hit so far is the main paper at the time was the Blyth paper and they mention the Ashington and District Leagues but only really the fixtures and results nothing about players or match reports ect
  5. I know its a long shot but does any one have or know where i can get some information on Choppington united in the 1920's they placed in the Ashington and District League?
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