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  1. Hi Malcolm, Yep, I'm buying my first home! Very exciting... I would have thought NCC would be the obvious way to go too, maybe the lady who rang me assumed I was in social housing? I'm quite glad I just instructed my solicitor to get the legal indemnity cover as I now wouldn't trust any information the Council gave me. Oh well, thank you both for your help anyway, I really do appreciate it
  2. That's very kind of you Foxy, thank you very much
  3. Hello everyone, I'm after some information regarding covenants. I'm moving into Bedlington (near the Bank Top Pub) next weekend and my solicitor found a covenant in a conveyance from the 1980s stating that there could not be any alteration to the exterior of the property without written permission from Wansbeck District Council. Well, my property has a wee conservatory at the back - which falls under Permitted Development, planning permission wise - but written permission from the council was never sought for it. I have taken out the Legal Indemnity Policy, so really I'm just asking out of sheer curiosity...does anyone know who you'd have to contact to get retrospective permission? I spoke to Northumberland County Council and was told Bernicia took over from Wansbeck District Council so I would have to get in touch with them? Like I say, I'm just being nosey really, but it's bugging me that I can't find anything out searching the internet and I'm normally quite good at that! Anyway, thanks for any help!
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