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  1. Sw@lnalla


    I remember crossing the road to avoid the 'teds' hanging outside on my way to the snooker hall, if we couldn't get a table there we went to the 'tute behind South Row. I had 2 bob pocket money, one for the table and 11d for 5 Woodbine.
  2. There were several buildings like that, Jack Clouston and his brother used them in their greengrocery/coal business. They even had a paddling pool .
  3. Evangelists, catholocism and fascism, how are we, the waster's locked into social housing able to judge?
  4. There were no !*!@# heaps, communal netties or washrooms, where did you live ?
  5. I lived at 13 Hartford Woodlands, #3 Camp.
  6. Best wishes Joe, screw the weather and go for 90.
  7. Was that next to Nutters? All replaced by what is now Brook Court. Was there also a shop at the park end of Lily Ave. ?
  8. I remember the tables upstairs, only one being fullsize and I believe the spelling of Bacci to be correct.
  9. That tells me something.
  10. Early 1965, I ran into a drift near West Moor on my little Zundapp and went A over B, when I stood up I realisd my bike was nowhere to be seen. After a little while I noticed a slight plume of steam, gotcha!
  11. Attlee Park, perfect and yoy can dunk the bairn in the river, John would be proud.
  12. Probably because your 'definitive' list is mostly post '70s machines. Any car built in the Zagato, Bertone or Pininfarina workshops has to be considered superior.
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