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  1. Looking for information for a friend, Sylvia Cowe, she used to live in Sparrow Hall in the fifties. Any info or pictures most welcome.
  2. Been trying to log in again. Anniemarr
  3. Oh Brilliant, thank you very much. Sylvia will be so pleased. Annie
  4. Hi, Yes it could. I believe it was demolished probably 1980's, it was a very old farm. My friend, Sylvia, is so keen to have a photo, sketch and information on the farm and I have tried Ancestry but no luck so far. Thank you so much for helping. Annie
  5. Thank you very much, yes this is the farm and I am trying to get a photograph.
  6. Does anyone have any information on Sparrow House Farm, a photograph or why it was demolished? Is there anything remaining? I am asking for a friend who lived there in the fifties.
  7. Does anyone have a photograph of Sparrow House Farm?
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