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  1. That is great thanks for taking the time cheers lee foster
  2. Yes 28 Pioneer terrace is correct would anyone know where that fits with Bedlington today.I assume "Bedlington Station" was the name for the area surrounding Bedlington Station itself,would that be correct. cheers lee foster
  3. Hello again to all in Bedlington Does anyone have any photos or recollection of Wingrove House Bedlington Station c1910 cheers Lee Foster
  4. Hi to Alan and Canny Lass, thankyou both for taking the time to enlighten me .Alan I have blown the photo up but the person does not seem to match the one I have of Joseph Foster. When he lived in Rose cottage he would of course been much younger ,but that I guess is further proof that perhaps that Rose cottage is not our Rose Cottage also the hill behind which I think does not match the area.. Canny Lass, well that is a whole lot of information which I shall have to read a couple of times to fully digest. Of interest here is Joseph Forster's 1901 census. Leading up to his entry we have
  5. Thanks Alan your input is ,much appreciated.rgds lee foster
  6. Alan sorry I am new to discussion forums,I thought you were directing that query to John.I have not traced any modern day Fosters in the area but given the size of the families it would seem that there are quite a few still around.Hopefully I will track down a couple before I arrive.cheers lee foster
  7. Alan thanks for your info,I had come across Johns piece on Rose Cottage previously,hopefully someone will have some knowledge of the actual memoirs,take care and once again thanks or taking the time rgds Lee Foster ( West Australia)
  8. Hello to all,not sure if this is the correct avenue to go down but will ask .I am seeking a copy of what I presume will be family memoirs written by Mrs JR Mather (nee Forster).She was Ethel Ada Sarah Forster (sometime Foster) and the family lived opposite the Bedlington Iron Works in Rose Cottage.I will be visiting Bedlington in May so if someone knows of a copy, perhaps in a local library or such, that I could access that would be tremendous. Many Thanks Lee Foster
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