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  1. They should have colour co-ordinated.

    Did no-one tell the one on the left where the camera was?

    I've got a much better one of me and my mate on the market cross. I bet the councillors didn't have to put up with shouts of 'feel her t%*s' from passers by when they were being snapped!

    MBFD has showed us a variety of tasteful pictures of you.

  2. such a shame someone that young had to suffer so much pain and the boys she left behind growing up without a mummy, unless you know what its like to lose a parent at a young age then many may not understand, its tough believe me! such a horrible disease, i think she did what she could to make sure those boys are well off and able to live life without financial struggle

    Aye you're right, she was great.

  3. There are far worse places to live than Bedlington, try Guidepost, yes i have a nice view of the hills but there is a bus stop and about a million OAP's and on this TV show, the crazy people had a choice to live Bedlington/Cramilington or Florida, who in their right mind would stay in Cramlington if they had a chance to live in Florida?


    Bedlington is OK, it just needs a pool hall.

  4. Just updating this i now drive an alfa romeo 147 2.0 lusso t spark, its lush, i love it, def better than all the other cars i have had so far, suits me much more than a horrid people carrier or pug or focus, feels like a dream to drive, just want a brand new audi next and that will be me happy

    You've been reading too much Jeremy Clarkson petal. How many miles has your Alfa got on the clock?

  5. Don't be daft Cympil, my call for rejoicing is triggered by the whole sorry saga coming to an end; it's not about what is clearly a family tragedy ... one that IMO should always remain a private affair (family & friends). My objection to this orchestrated, cynical money-grabbing festival being played-out endlessly in the media, is one of shame that there are so many gullible nobs out there who think it's all 'real'. I say folks should develop their own lives and not live them through some 'plastic' person off the telly ... they'll all be thinking East Enders & Coronation Street is real. I can just imagine legions of the morbidly obese, slumped in their groaning chairs whilst stuffing chocolates down their gizzards, believing they are somehow part of what they are viewing. Pathetic!

    I would expect people who know me to rejoice at me croaking to spare continued pain and suffering and not at being riddled with cancer. Shame on you Cympil.

    Anyway, with Easter approaching maybe Max Clifford can organise a miraculous resurrection of Saint Jade (got a nice ring to it) ... Oh, I know that's been done before but just think of the loot that could be generated this time, especially with cameras around. Just think what Christianity could have been if they had cameras.

    You mean it isn't?! :unsure:

  6. I say "bring back Bacci's in the Market Place!" This 60's billiard hall was the place where mis-spent youth could be generated ... ah, happy days (as long as parents didn't find out)!

    I seem to remember he had a couple of tables at the back of the café then more upstairs in the hall, access up a narrow rickety staircase ... but maybe memory is playing tricks. Also I can't remember if Bacci is the correct spelling. Maybe others can confirm.

    Freddie Bacci

  7. Come on people, a bit of appreciation for the pure comedy gold that Merlin is spinning here with his repeated references to an elephant's craic/crack. This is an hilarious bit of wordplay and yet none of you show the least bit of approval for such 24 carat schtick.

    It would kill you to post a smilie or two to go with the six, count 'em, six that he's posted himself?

    HP drops it like it's hot. Scadding hot in fact.

  8. Sorry for your loss Brian, I see you have another disaster nearby! the weather certainly can be unpredictable, we had -42c at the beginning of the week, that turned into 90km winds and now we are getting quite a snow dump, about a foot since last night!


    Mr and Mrs Hair will be along soon, giving it 'big air' on their snowboards. Totally rad, dude.

  9. Denzil,unwittingly you have revealed the identity of the preacher of white hatred and his venue for extemist proclamations.I thought it a bit strange that a load of heavily bearded men were heading down Church Lane,but you know how it is these days you can't say how it is,because you one might upset the ethnic minority,!*!@# shovers or cooncilors,who,I might say,have the right to do anything they bloody well like,cos if we say anything then vast amounts of compo will be paid out! UP THE REVOLUTION!

    Hamburger Pimp is class, leave him alone.

  10. Hello Bedlington,

    Does anyone know what is happening to the Old Ford Garage? I am thinking about contacting the owners to see if it would be possible to buy the property. It has been empty now for ages and it seems like such a shame for it just to sit there until it falls down.

    I was thinking of re-fitting the inside and making it into a themed pool hall, i know how popular and important the pool league in Bedlington is, and although most pubs have a pool table in them, i think it would be a great opportunity as a leisure facility for everyone in Bedlington as well as people who want to keep ahead of the game and get in that extra practice for the league.

    If this was to go ahead i would look at serving hot food and soft drinks and alcohol. I would also like to get SKY installed so we could show the football etc and also a good music system where we can play the latest from the charts and also play music from local artists.

    So what do you think Bedlington? i am interested to hear anyone's views on this, let me know if you think its worthwhile or what you would facilities you would like if this was to go ahead, etc.

    I've lost count of the amount of nights' sleep I've lost worrying about the pool league, well done that man.

    NB: basically, you're proposing a pub with more than one pool table? Cue-tastic.

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