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  1. On 18/04/2017 at 09:42, Eggy1948 said:

    The green waste bin has now been removed from in front of the train, but not re-sited . Naturally it hasn't taken those that would use a public waste bin long to notice that now there is no where for the public to deposit their rubbish.

    Facebook - Bygone Bedlington post :- 

    Well done to to council for finally taking away the bins in front if the train but not soooo good to the people responsible for not finding another bin to put their litter in 1f62c.png?1f62c.png?1f62c.png?1f44e.png?




    Surely tackling the litter problem would've been a better use of funds than some statues? People are too concerned about 'leaving their mark' rather than tackling the mundane, everyday problems of the here and now.

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  2. Glad to say I've had no problems with Royal Mail. It's some of the other couriers that nark me. Why they won't just deliver stuff to my neighbours who are always in is beyond me, especially when I've left an instruction to do so when placing my order. I won't order things from topshop or boots online for this exact reason! I think DHL are pants too. Am hardly going to drive to team valley to pick something up!

    This reminds me of my favourite tip from Viz, 'Postmen,increase your chances of getting a Christmas tip by not being such a miserable ---- the other 364 days of the year.' Not my words though!

    There can't be many postmen who would have much of a need for mini-skirts, spangly boob-tubes and fake tan.

  3. Denzel. I have no problems with that at all. Many thanks. Keep it coming!

    Just be careful John, I know from personal experience just how Hamburger Pimp works, he'll have your job before you know it.

    Additionally, I'll definitely be tuning in if you're going to be playing some Bob Seger. 'The Famous Final Scene' would be nice. Thanks in advance.

  4. There's hell on at work about it.

    You would think the colleagues would find out before the media, i'm still chatting to colleagues on FaceBook that still have no idea!

    And they say ASDA has good communication!

    'Hey Andy, should we let the papers or the shelf-stackers know about it first?'

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  5. Where have you been? on a bus trip?

    I've been on a magical, mystical journey Pete. I have wandered plains and tundra, climbed mountains, forded rivers and sailed the seven seas. I have embraced mankind to my bosom, and returned a better person for it.

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