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  1. On 2017-4-30 at 11:03, threegee said:

    This morning we hear May asked if she knows what a mugwump is.  Now you or I (and maybe Corbyn and/or Farage) would have given an honest yes or no answer, but <groan> she gives the usual politician's diversionary "I only know that [insert current political buzzwords]".  Slippery politico we all think, and of course she is!  But it's is a pretty irrelevant question, and either a yes or no answer would have sparked off columns of garbage by the scribblers, and hours of TV "political discussion".  Her strategy was to kill off the dumb and irrelevant question.  The answer she gave is near instantly forgotten, and has minus zero news value.  Above all that IS her strategy in this election, because everyone else is doing her campaigning for her (particularly the EU apparatchiks).  All she needs to do is to present an image of competence and confidence and it's a landslide.  There are going to be no "bacon sarnie" moments for May this year!


    Right on, brother.

  2. On 24/04/2017 at 14:35, threegee said:

    I have a feeling that that's more a commentary on the people you heard it from than on the "few self-obsessed locals"! :D

    Looking at some of the self-congratulatory rubbish on here I'm pleased I listened to their pleas and made my comeback.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Pete said:

    That does not sound good. Anyway were have you been all this time? Hope you have some exciting tales to tell.

    Working, drinking and generally enjoying life Pete! I'd heard this place was now just a propaganda tool for a few self-obsessed locals so thought I'd pop by and rattle a few cages.


    How about yourself?

  4. 6 minutes ago, Pete said:

    A see your back and its good to hear from you. If I had know you were there we could have had a pint of guiness,:D hows colonel Knoweldge do you still see him?

    Aye I still see the Colonel, he was supposed to be out for a pint today but he's under the thumb now.

  5. On 30/01/2017 at 17:48, moe19 said:

    Well Les I certainly hope it does survive, it employs over 100 people while the  Lidle stores I have been in seem to work on a skeleton staff.

    I like  named brands that are not available at Lidle so I wont be doing much in the way of shopping at the new store. Morrisons or Asdas own savers  label; brands seem much cheaper than the unheard of foreign brands sold by Lidle. but I suppose it will suit some folk,

    They do seem to have had a lot of bad press lately 




    Are you 100% sure about this?

  6. On 12/02/2012 at 01:35, John Fox (foxy) said:

    Your both wrong,

    Eddie Milne was the MP that wasn't quite whiter than white,In fact he was a load of crap just like todays MP. The house that you refer to was owned by Jimmy Milne a very respectable business man in the town, in fact he could be remembered as Mr Bedlington.Must get the facts right lads!!

    What a truly santimonious response. 

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