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  1. Shameless sycophancy here.
  2. Having sold to Wetherspoon's through two of my previous employers, I can categorically state that this is completely untrue.
  3. Cracking captions folks, they've got me in stitches here. LOLZ
  4. I'm batty about bats and anything bat-related.
  5. Sorry Malcolm, but that's just rubbish. Wetherspoon's operate on a very simple 'high volume, low margin' principle which most of the big pub landlords are now embracing, such as Greene King, Nomura etc. I can't think of anywhere off-hand where the presence of a JDW pub has destroyed existing trade. Additionally, JDW aren't actually that cheap, especially when compared to other pubchains. Furthermore, JDW outlets are always completed to a very high standard, and as The Red Lion is very much a landmark building round here, they can only improve the appearance of the place.
  6. BMX - the bicycle of choice for !*!@# .
  7. I've changed my opinion, I'm starting to see a lot of similarities between the Stasi, the Gestapo, the Khmer Rouge and Gordon's Gang. You were right all along.
  8. All you ever do is moan, moan, moan about anything and everything. You'd twist on 21 pal. Please, don't insult the intelligence of anyone by trying to compare modern British politics with those of the sodding Gestapo. Pour yourself a nice herbal tea, grab a slice of lentil bake and get back to your copy of Socialist Worker, because, quite frankly kidda, you're a boring, repetitive !*!@# .
  9. The government can read my private emails until they're blue in the face. I have nowt to hide.
  10. If we didn't do it the bloody French would eat them all.
  11. Good to see the wallpushers getting knocked out. Black armbands all round and a candlelit vigil to boot.
  12. It's come to something when a non-descript mining town like Bedlington can't support a shop that sells spectacle repair kits. I'm spitting feathers here.
  13. Howay then Joe, start some off. You niggardly owld curmudgeon. Happy Easter!
  14. As sweeping generalisations go, that's one of the best.
  15. Following yet another abject Newcastle United performance, my mood was lightened by visiting Bedlington's fabled 'Station' area. In the Railway, several excellent pints of fermented apple juice were consumed, banging tunes were blasted from the juker, and the 'crack' was top dollar. Hamburger Pimp - a prince among men.
  16. Doubt it, it'll still be a dump.
  17. I forgot about the sodding thing.
  18. Stewart Lee - it was moderately funny. The Wire - can't be arsed. Charlie Brooker - didn't Victor Lewis-Smith do all that? Daily Show - reasonable. TV Burp - class.
  19. They want too much for it, and it's knackered.
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