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  1. Very good, now pass me a can of beer before you put the dinner on, eh sweetheart?
  2. Snow is officially crap. It's for blokes to surf down on overpriced ironing boards, giving it 'big air' and drinking Pepsi Max. 'Whoa dude, that was like, so rad'.
  3. Ah, Simon, hands in the air cutting the rug. That's living alright.
  4. Nee chance, rates are too high for any decent supermarket to open up in Bedlington.
  5. Nuclear fusion, hot topic.
  6. You got her number Pencil Neck?
  7. In fact it's cold enough to freeze the barancles off a brass dinghy. And that is REALLY cold.
  8. I believe so, though I steered well clear of the LCL, bit too powerful for a young chap like me.
  9. Well it's a job at the end of the day bonny lad.
  10. I was under the impression Somerfield was closing.
  11. It's not the shop for you CK, they don't sell bright red jeans.
  12. Denzel


    An Australian summer? No thanks, they can keep their snakes, spiders and other godforsaken poisonous beasties. Give me crap British weather any day of the week.
  13. I hope their selection of items is an improvement on 'Rascals'. Council estate chic.
  14. HOW DARE YOU! My preferred denomination for rectal cleanliness is never smaller than a £20 note. And my house is made out of platinum, gold is for Station knackaz.
  15. Nope, feathering the respective nests of Ashington and Newbiggin.
  16. Well it's true, I may have had my 'tops' (as I believe they call it in street patois) but that's it.
  17. It's OK Fourgee, we're all virtual marras, we'll look after you.
  18. You've huffed him now, hope you're happy with yourself. Harumph.
  19. I can assure you that I have never been with the incumbent Sun Inn landlady.
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