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  1. Quality post! Always wondered where the name came from. Good work that man.
  2. Isn't that the gadgie from the Kaiser Chiefs in the front row?
  3. Sorry, my use of vernacular is a bastard disgrace.
  4. Right now, strike while the iron's hot.
  5. How dare you. Not a week goes by without me buying some of Linda McCartney's finest cardboard-based meat substitute.
  6. Ah yes, VC winning lanky Scotsman. A toast please!
  7. Is that Kathy Burke in the second row?
  8. Cue Richard Littlejohn headline..... BRING BACK THE BIRCH!!!!!
  9. War hero and voice of reason rolled into one.
  10. God no, there is never any place for Teutonic shouters.
  11. Can we move away from using teenage 'text speak' please; (am gr8 how r u)?. Keep it for Davey Hair's lass.
  12. It's the traditional precursor to 'fingers'.
  13. I also believe that during the 1960's it was a venue where popular 'beat combos' of the time would perform their latest. Anyone witness any of these acts?
  14. I think it could well be a bit of both. Excuse me while I find my slippers.
  15. Recently, the abject state of 'heavy metal' music has been brought to my attention. Last Wednesday I watched a programme on BBC2 concerning Norwegian 'black metal' music. Quite simply, it was crap; imagine GWAR, but taking it seriously. And these kids were lapping it up; human sacrifices, pentagrams, the !*!@# lot. On Friday I watched a bit of the Kerrang Awards. It got worse. A lamentable bunch of US college growlers operating under the monicker of 'Trivium' scooped the Best Band award, and it was painful. Middle class US college kids growling away (and lots of Beavis & Butthead style hand gestures, which I thought had died out) about skateboards, and the smart bird in 10th grade who called him a long-haired nerd, or somesuch nonsense. So come on you metal kids, do something about it.
  16. Apologies to anyone who may have been offended by my use of such profanity. I'll keep the !*!@# swearing down to a minimum.
  17. Rather see one of a cats face.
  18. Phonetically, 'Chiro Chiterrio'. Va fan culo.
  19. Looked bliddy warm in 'The China Syndrome'.
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