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  1. We're not all bong-eyed ravers like you, tooted up on 'Charlie' and giving it large to the sounds of Armand van Hire. Some of us are only too pleased to have a few relaxing beers, in a friendly environment, discussing the merits of the latest Martin Amis. I wouldn't go down the Station mind, it's full of radgies, knackaz and spanners.
  2. Stick to spangly boobtubes petal, you're out of your depth here.
  3. If someone gave me the backing I'd take it over and it would be making money hand over fist.
  4. Thanks for clarifying that The Northumberland Arms is often abbreviated to 'The North'. That should stop any confusion.
  5. Older than Bruce Forsyth and about as funny.
  6. Motto of the story - don't get lagered up then put the chip pan on.
  7. Moderators, will you please delete this thread. It's quite clearly a puerile attempt to glorify women's knockers for sexual purposes, and I disagree wholeheartedly with it. But just for research purposes, I prefer proper front bumpers, not plastic ones.
  8. You mean they'd sold out of spangly boob-tubes and mini-skirts? The Railway will need a new queen of the fashionistas.
  9. Just a bit of Festive 'laying on'. All part of Bedlington's rich culture.
  10. So poor old Norman and Hettie are sat in their bungalow, unable to turn their heating on due to spiralling costs, whilst the employees of Npower receive expensive electronic gadgets like it's going out of fashion. I hope Denis Murpy gets wind of this.
  11. Not me, bargain-hunting with a load of feral ronkers isn't my idea of fun.
  12. If you hadn't asked the question rumours of a road death in Bedlington Station wouldn't have spread like wildfire. I'm disappointed.
  13. A crashing blow for Bedlington's nightlife.
  14. So basically you've been spreading unsubstantiated rumours?
  15. I forgot to do my predictions for yesterday's games. !*!@# ' nuns.
  16. The best local band I've ever heard were the Station's own 'Greek Love'. Quality electronica for the discerning music lover.
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