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  1. Well folks, I don't know about you, but I'm feeling particularly festive; it's not long until Santa will be popping down my chimney and (hopefully) leaving me a bumper crop of quality gifts. But this year I haven't asked for a Lamborghini, and instead have opted for a more esoteric item, ie a mandolin (for chopping vegetables with, I haven't joined The Waterboys). What gifts have the good folks of Bedlingtonshire requested then?
  2. And what answers should I give?
  3. Well that's hardly my fault is it?!
  4. Sir, this is a family establishment.
  5. 'How man tha me fuggin mazzies how'.
  6. Oi, Dazza has his finger on the pulse of 'Yoof Culchah'; he's merely following in the footsteps of Janet Street Porter and Normski.
  7. That's a fantastic piece of trivia, personally speaking I'd like to thank you for sharing it with us.
  8. Ah, 'Stranger on the Shore'.........
  9. And 'belter', as i believe you hip kidz would say.
  10. Hell yeah! It's hapnin' bro'!
  11. Who needs NHS Direct?!
  12. Well miracles can happen at Xmas.
  13. Flats at the Red Lion - how cool is that!
  14. Three words - 'Wanbeck District Council'.
  15. And Martin Kemp, second top row on left.
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