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  1. Denzel

    Jade Goody

    I hope she dies soon.
  2. Denzel


    Ms Hair creates undue panic amongst the townsfolk of Bedlington. Let's birch her.
  3. I had no recourse to use it - if there's bother in my locale, I go out with Barry the Bat and administer on the spot justice.
  4. A Christening Tea? What a load of middle class clap-trap. Just get yasel up the Wharton and everyone can get lashed.
  5. No thanks, it's all just a pipe-dream.
  6. If it's not playing up, don't change it Pete.
  7. He owns one of them, there's about half a dozen in existence.
  8. Finally sold it via Carcraft Pete, got almost £3k for it so I was more than happy. Mind you it had new inlet and exhaust valves, fanbelt and exhaust so it was as good as new. Still not a patch on my 'sportscock' though.
  9. Pete's Boudoir is the likeliest name at this point.
  10. Soon have it back on it's feet.
  11. Saxo VTR man, belta and that.
  12. More rumour-mongering from the queen of the Bedlington gossip column.
  13. I'd partition it and the snug would be renamed 'Pete's'.
  14. I trust you'll be treating your lass to a romantic night in The Railway?
  15. From the motor museum at Keswick? If so avoid like a Terry Pratchett convention, it's !*!@#.
  16. Thanks very much folks. It feels weird finally reaching 30.
  17. Sounds like a man who knows his quality tipples. A true bon vivant.
  18. Gan on petal, scratch his eyes out.
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