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  1. Aye, people are desperate to hoy their money away on run-down shitholes.
  2. Of all test periods, rolling is my favourite variety.
  3. Denzel

    Nen Baths!

    Nonsense, it's a well known fact that he is a wizard beneath the sheets.
  4. Put me down for some scones with clotted cream and jam.
  5. The meatball melt ciabatta is a Robert Dazzler.
  6. Planning on wearing it again like?
  7. 'Women drivers, aren't they !*!@# lads'.
  8. Superb frontier gibberish; trilby doffed.
  9. I'd change it but I've already had two warnings for mischievous behaviour.
  10. HP unmasked as a vile racist. Great work Merlin.
  11. Bedlington is class. Screw you Channel 4.
  12. Italian food is class. Cavolo culo.
  13. Denzel

    Jade Goody

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  14. Yes, there'll still be several pubs in Bedlington.
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