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  1. MBFD has showed us a variety of tasteful pictures of you.
  2. Denzel

    Jade Goody

    Aye you're right, she was great.
  3. Recycling stolen tat for Burnside ronkers. The market does a sterling job.
  4. Bedlington is OK, it just needs a pool hall.
  5. A triumvirate of !*!@# . Very moody.
  6. You've been reading too much Jeremy Clarkson petal. How many miles has your Alfa got on the clock?
  7. Denzel

    Jade Goody

    You mean it isn't?!
  8. Bairns are rubbish. Congratulations.
  9. Denzel

    Jade Goody

    I hope she rots in hell for all eternity.
  10. Got to be better than drinking cans of Foster's in the Blue Bell, Shirley?
  11. HP drops it like it's hot. Scadding hot in fact.
  12. People 'laying on' in the Blue Bell? Whatever next?
  13. Mr and Mrs Hair will be along soon, giving it 'big air' on their snowboards. Totally rad, dude.
  14. Games shops? Pool-halls? This isn't the Trocadero petal, it's Bedlington.
  15. Hamburger Pimp is class, leave him alone.
  16. I've lost count of the amount of nights' sleep I've lost worrying about the pool league, well done that man. NB: basically, you're proposing a pub with more than one pool table? Cue-tastic.
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