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  1. Used to get shoes from there when I were a nipper.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Benet_Bis...lic_High_School
  3. There was also a proliferation of balaclavas, bandanas and scarves, used to hide facial features. I hope the Dibble stamp on every windpipe.
  4. Instead of complaining why not go to London with the rest of them and riot today. I hope the bizzies smash everyone of their stupid, student faces in.
  5. Manchester City have sold Shaun Wright-Phillips to Madonna.
  6. I have no friends. I'm an outcast.
  7. Still spending all day on Facebook? Whilst your lass has two, count 'em TWO jobs, and you spend your days chatting up students. It'll all end in tears.
  8. Up there with Captain Beefheart in the 'I listen to it because I like to think I'm superior' stakes. Not a patch on Scouting for Girls, or Maroon 5.
  9. In a recent survey, 6 out of 7 dwarves said they weren't happy.
  10. The buggers have shrunk.
  11. HP embraces all cultures, races and creeds. I wish I was like him.
  12. Excellent news, hats off to the nipper.
  13. Hamburger Pimp could take them both down.
  14. 'Scrunchings?!' It's bliddy batter man.
  15. Ridge Farm - check Netherton Club - check The Wharton - check Red Lion - RIP Golf Club - check Top Club - check Blue Bell - RIP Movies - check Grapes - check Sun - check Market Tavern - check Market Place Club - check Northumberland Arms - check The Monkey - check Black Bull - check Dun Coo - RIP Terriers Club - check Bedlington Terrier - RIP Bank Top - check Clayton - check Percy - check Railway - check Station Club - check Hamburger Pimp's Gentlemen's Relish Club - check Still plenty of watering holes available to sate even the largest of thirsts.
  16. Denzel

    Deleted Account

    Two words; 'Attention seeker'.
  17. Our resident Ray LaMontaigne fan wants us all to know that he watches 'Have I Got News For You'. Thanks Derek.
  18. Chris has his parade well and truly rained upon. A deluge in fact.
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