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  1. Aye, Merry Xmas and that.
  2. Aye, the local rags need more badly designed adverts full of spelling mistakes.
  3. The Dun Cow looked particularly welcoming when I walked past with the dog yesterday.
  4. Yours truly rampaging up the charts like Leon Jackson.
  5. A 24 hour filling station would be ideal for the members of the Sun Inn Gentlemen's Club to stock up on late night goodies; it would save Pieheed having to traipse down to the North in his bare feet for a packet of snouts.
  6. A marvellous venue; I worked there for 2 years.
  7. Aye, The Fall are the cornerstone of any decent Christmas soundtrack like.
  8. Slowcore dirge. Ronette's - Sleighride; that's Xmas pal.
  9. Mint! A long exposure photograph of a dual carriageway, with 2 cars on, at night. I hope you've got the copyright for this technique, or people may start ripping it off.
  10. Sounds like the obvious place to go for an Epicurean feast on a Sunday.
  11. Just take Shanks' pony like everyone else. Kids, they don't know they're born these days.
  12. True, my bushy mane is a little unkempt, it's time I ditched the Freddie Boswell look.
  13. I shall now be going 'hammer and tongs' at this for the rest of the season, now that Hamburger Pimp has revealed the prize for the winner; a 1/32nd scale model of the Red Lion, resplendent with day-glo stickers and the ubiquitous broken glass outside.
  14. The Top End now has four (count them, four!) ATM's Pete; thankfully the demise of the Raisbeck keeps Station riff-raff away.
  15. The Station is quite rightly fabled for the quality of its takeaways; indeed, a menu arrived from a one near the club that does parmo's, so I may have to give that one a try. Chinchilla's for me though, especially the kebab calzone.
  16. Are you still coming round on Christmas Day? This tequila won't drink itself.
  17. Tough love, it's all these drunkards understand.
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