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  1. Yes, all the shit pubs, barbers, takeaways, tattoo parlours and supermarkets have made Bedlington the place to be when it comes to Northumberland 'villages'. Step aside Bamburgh, there's a new kid in town. (I mean village).
  2. Who's seeing it in with a pint tomorrow?
  3. Because Adam needed his loincloth washed.
  4. Always wet your toothbrush folks.
  5. Aye, I've only got 6,000 bog rolls left.
  6. I'm surprised no-one's complained yet.
  7. They were poor yesterday mind. Relegation fodder.
  8. I go to the Head Shed for a beard trim, they even pulled the hairs out of my bugle last week.
  9. Any chance you can embellish on this please @Malcolm Robinson? I didn't vote for you by the way.
  10. Dont worry @Eggy1948, I'll endeavour to do my best. I'll probably start in the time-honoured tradition with some serious door-canvassing around the Red House Farm area.
  11. Or get to run for mayor of Bedlington.
  12. Looking at some of the self-congratulatory rubbish on here I'm pleased I listened to their pleas and made my comeback.
  13. I like to think of myself as the voice of the people, @Eggy1948
  14. Working, drinking and generally enjoying life Pete! I'd heard this place was now just a propaganda tool for a few self-obsessed locals so thought I'd pop by and rattle a few cages. How about yourself?
  15. Aye I still see the Colonel, he was supposed to be out for a pint today but he's under the thumb now.
  16. Bedlingt n Community Centre! You couldn't make it up!
  17. Bedlington is crying out for a hairdressers.
  18. What a truly santimonious response.
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