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  1. No. 13 is my great aunt Viola Stewart (not Violet!). She used to live at Bedlington Station until a few years ago before going into a care home.
  2. Number 25 is James Stewart, my great grandfather who was in the Netherton Colliery band.
  3. Hi, I've just downloaded this now. He's on a few other photos too which I'll comment on.
  4. Burke Stewart, front row on left is my great grandfather.....his name was James Stewart and I believe was a deputy at Netherton and lived at First Street. I remember my late great Uncle, Adam Stewart, say both him and his fatha's nicknames at the pit were bork, so that will be how the name is on there. Adam used to play the trumpet as well, probably at Netherton before he joined the Royal Marines. James (or Burke) Stewart's photo is still in Netherton club (or used to be a few years ago) as he was secretary of the old club. The photo is of the committee outside the old club. My mam has the clock presented to him for 25 years service as secretary of the deputies at Netherton pit. My great auntie Viola Stewart used to keep it on her sideboard in Bedlington before she went into a care home a few years ago. I used to love hearing my grandma Willa (Williamina) Kidd (nee Stewart) and great uncle Adam tell their stories of the past and the people from Netherton.
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