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  1. morning all, Ive got memories of ashington drive in ashington I think and it's been niggling away at me for a lot of years now so I hope some one on this site can help to clear up my blurry memories. I suppose the first question is, does the a/ drive in my memory still exist as the one on Google Earth has fairly new houses so maybe the old houses are long gone, secondly, the house I used to visit was, I am sure it was no25 and relations of my dads used to live there called Frank and Joyce Barrat, I remember another family a few doors away and we called the man uncle Alan and there was also talk on uncle Stan or stash. I only really remember aunty joice and uncle frank and bugger me, as I write this I remember an old man called cliff I think, and I think he was referred to as grandad but he died when I was 5/6 years old. Frank used to take me out in a coal delivery truck and he always had a woodbine close to had. I don't know if there are any lumsdens in your part of the world and my dad had bright red hair! It would be great if anyone could fill in the holes in my memory regards Ken lumsden my dads name was
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