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  1. Canny Lass, Thank you for your reply with details of the second half of the leaflet. The email which I originally received had both links so I already had it but thank you for your persistence. As a child, after visiting the memorial to my grandmother when I was 10 years old, I was always fascinated by the name of her late husband, as he had the middle name Sedcole. Nearly fifty years later I decided to do something about my interests and try and find out where the name came from. First of all I discovered that he actually wasn't my grandfather but my great grandfather. Apparently he and his wife had adopted their daughter's child, which for some reason she was unable to bring up herself. I knew that daughter very well when I was a young boy as she was a lovely aunt. I grew up, not knowing that she was actually my father's mother. He himself only found out in old age. My enthusiasm for my research continued and great grandfather Secdole's family continue to fascinate me and I went back two generations and discovered Robert Smith Watson, born in Bedlington in 1815. One of his brothers had the middle names Ogle and Bates. His mother's brother had Ogle as his only name. While sadly I must have the strength of will to not get obsessed with the Ogle family, I am intrigued to try and get some idea of why my ancestors thought enough of this family, or the village named after them, to give the name to children. We are really looking forward to our visit to Bedlington, which is now also going to include a visit to the village of Ogle. Martin
  2. Canny Lass, thanks, that's great. I have read a lot about the Ogles as well, including the village and castle. I will now be working to find out why my Watson ancestors used the Ogle name. My 3x Great grandfather's uncle and brother were both named Ogle. Martin
  3. Canny Lass, thank you, that is exactly the sort of thing that is useful. We like guiding ourselves. Thanks for the Ogle information. None of their wealth reached me. One of my 3x Great grandfather's brothers, was called Ogle as a middle name. Thanks again for your time. Martin
  4. Alan, thank you for the Woodhorn link. Sadly (!) it is a holiday and I won't be able to do any real research, I just want to visit a few places to try and get a feel for the geographical origins of my forebears. Martin
  5. Hello, I am visiting Bedlington next month, and I'd like to soak up the atmosphere of where Robert Smith Watson, my 3x great grandfather, and his father and grandfather were born. I would welcome any suggestions as to where I should go. St Cuthbert's church seems a good place to start. Other family names include Gray, Ogle, Robson and Gilhespy. By 1851 Robert Smith Watson was an apprentice butcher in Bishopwearmouth. Thanks in hope, Martin
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