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  1. I'm not sure if I'm replying to the right topic but in response to the dam building in the river, I distinctly remember my Dad (Edward Carey 35 Stead Lane) telling us how he used to tickle trout when he was a lad. I have vague memories that you could get down to the river from the back of the garden? Am I remembering that right? Also memories of a huge garden, the chickens, and a pig, and the big outside toilet full of spiders! My sister and I used to swing on the gate looking down to Blyth and the sea. Cath Baldry (Carey)
  2. Yes my Dad and grandparents lived at 35 Stead Lane.
  3. Thats a great list. Just my Grandma and Grandad with my Dad, Edward (Ted) carey and his sister Mary Carey lived at 35 Stead Lane not 37. We lived there between 1946 and? 1948 (my Mum Betty Carey and me and my sister Angela) while Dad was doing his teacher training after the war and we often stayed/visited when we lived in Hartlands. We remember the big garden, pigs and chickens, and sitting on Grandad's knee shelling peas. We used to swing on the gate at the front where you could see across to Blyth. I have a feeling you could get down to the river from the back of the garden? to Hartford Wood
  4. No 33 is Angela Carey and she remembers David Smith and Trevor Wiles. She remembers Patricia Doyle, her parents had the shop at the bottom of Stead Lane. Our grandparents, John and Hannah Carey lived at 35 Stead Lane with our Auntie Mary. Think the shop was called Doyles. Also remember the ice cream horse and cart coming along Stead lane, and you took a dish out to put the ice cream in.
  5. no 12 is not Catherine Baldry. I left Bedlington in 1957. My maiden name is Carey
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