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  1. #16 is peter dmytrenko, #17 is meself - walter dmytrenko. #18 is my old pal dennis smith. we lived at hirst terrace & dennis was across the lane at gladstone terrace. his family had a garden looking onto the park and at nightfall we would hear the ratatat tat of the parky dragging a stick across the fences as he walked the perimeter of the park. a signal for us kids to be out of the park. . . . best to all . . . w
  2. i have an original of the photo. and as mentioned, #7 was “meself” - walter dmytrenko. we lived down Vulcan Way on hirst terrace 1950-1955, and i would wander thru the colliery lands or the otherway thru the fields to the blyth. billy elliot was me in a way . . . best wishes . . . w
  3. bedlington village infants 1950 class 4. - #2 is dennis smith, lived gladstone terrace beside hirst terrace; dad was jim, mom was Bella, sister was Sheila. #7 is me. we left bedlington in 1955 for canada after dad had an accident in the pits. (friend dennis went into the mines at 14, lived last i heard in ashington.)
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