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  1. Interesting thought that "Labour holds us back".. I was thinking about that today, could it be they fear if the lot of the local people improved, they would start getting ambition, thoughts of their own. Perhaps they would consider NOT voting in the standard Labour MP, that cannot walk and scratch his arse at the same time. Interesting thought.. O well .... another five years it is.
  2. Leave those poor rich folk alone, being filthy stinking rich cannot be easy. They should be able to come and go as they please. Money is power, and they should be allowed to park their yachts off our beaches and do what they like, including giving me some cash.
  3. Just been reading up on I.L . What a nobba!!.. Just my opinion, other $h?t politicians are available. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Lavery
  4. The Right honourable MP for Ashington... Ian Lavery .... Wansbeck = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wansbeck_(UK_Parliament_constituency) Ian Lavery = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Lavery
  5. Ha he's on the money in my eyes with that description, I don't know why or how they've ended up like that, but they have. Just keep an eye out for them trying to ship the idiots in our direction, if I was blowing 75 million on a sh*t hole , I would be trying to get rid of the undesirables, probably coming to a street near you. Easier access to the courts I suppose.
  6. HI all, I I heard Ian Lavery on the Radio spouting crap. I recall that a large investment was lavished upon on neighbours on the other side of the river not so long back , their front street got a massive overhaul, a new road laid etc. It already has a leisure centre, and its getting another one? The problem with Ashington is Not ASHINGTON. Money wont solve its problems. You can read between the lines , but you might as well take that money and throw it in the Wansbeck , there you go I said it.... your all thinking it.
  7. A terrorist breaks into a pet shop and shouts " Everyone's got one minute to get out of here! " A tortoise at the back shouts " You C**t! "
  8. I agree with the last poster on this. This town needs to stop letting its dogs s*** all over its streets for a kick off. If a person were to take a dump in the street you would find yourself getting arrested, dogs can p*** and s*** anywhere they like in Bedlington it seems, to some people.
  9. http://www.kickstart...gerous/comments Elite, 8 bit goodness. The link goes to the kickstarter for a re boot .
  10. I was recently without internet access for a few months, and after a 2-3 days i'd stopped noticing, and not only that when i got it back, apart form doing some buisness i couldnt recall why i missed it at all.
  11. It isnt an argument .. just a prediction, as all polititians are opportunists, and "cause" is just a turn of phrase. Plus I always thought Blair was a tory, nevermind champagne socialist. But the tories must be loving having a deficit that needs cutting, they can cut all sorts of progams that gets the avarage daily mail reader frothering into their Horlicks, and point at the deficit as the all important reason, and it is a reason, but as I said before,this part of the country is the last thing they will worry about. They have no other ideas for this countrys populace concerning job creation, and may just be banking on BP hitting the jackpot in the Russian's frozen oil fields, and if they do, I think other countries will have something to say about that. As for the labours front bench , I also think they are in a "transition" . Its very important to have a working opposition.
  12. Dave

    Ps3 Any1 Got 1

    psn djlane74... Love it
  13. So its been a while now, and with the economy starting to slid badly back into recession, people losing their jobs and thats before the cuts kick in. The riots last year (and the riots that will happen this year will be at least twice the size.) I will bet a major player in the Lib dems will defect to the labour cause before 2012. If its a big enough player it may cause a split. Without growth, you can cut all you like it will only get worse. A fact that the tories will find out soon enough. I actually think they realise this and are to not bothered. I can only see dark clouds ahead. The treasury has a one tracked mind, and thats a always a bad thing. Theres no point sticking to a course if that course is over a cliff edge! Still the royal weddings next year! hands up who cares?
  14. Bedlington has an underpass.... Or had one, stank of lash, as they tend to I recall. Lets face facts a fastfood place in bedders for the teenagers is fine but if Macdonalds thought it would work they would be one already. That company hires satelite time to look for places to land the're fast food palours. Taking into account local economies, locals habits, current take away food options in the area, the lot. Its probably a very intersting job.. anyway it hasnt happened so blame the chippies. I'm thankful for them.
  15. Subway???? I think its because the words MANKY S**** spring to mind as the main reason i wouldnt spend 5 quid on a "Subway" Sandwich. Where would teenagers get that sort of money... Robbery I should imagine.... Bad idea
  16. Come on bedlington! HAving seen the lion slowly disintergrate through bad management I gladly welcome the return of the pub ! i mean if it had been turned into flats that would have been the end of the street and the end of the town. I cannot wait til its 8 deep at the bar again, so i can go further down and wait till it gets a bit quieter
  17. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/sport/sport-headlines/video-technology-confirms-england-are-very-bad-at-football-201006282855/ Very good and amusing article
  18. well its a dynamic situation thats for sure, who knows maybe we'll end up back near the top, stormy waters ahead.
  19. You have me all wrong. I know that cuts are coming and whoever got in would have to let the axe fall, however where the axe falls is a up to the guy with the axe. As for squandering north sea assests you can blame Thatcher for that .. the 80's boom was financed by that little windfall. The jocks have never forgiven the tories for that little smash and grab. They saw precious little of that cash , it funded her crazy class war. Most of which changed the face of Bedlington forever, as a side note. I didnt say it started in the US, I said it was a global slow down in the finance sector which unfortunately is a very large part of our economy, now, when that part is running hot everyones happy, and he's to blame for not reigning in the high street banks against that over heated risk taking. But hindsight is 2020 as they say, and when things are going up, do you really think a politician of any creed would try and pull the plug out of fear, I cannot see it. As for John major he was a prime minister who i think should be mentioned in a thread titled "the Worst Prime Minister Britain Has Ever Had" ... as its my opinion, so is part of the subject.
  20. I disagree, of course it looks like in the end it all went tits up with this government, however the NHS is better, the wages are better, the standard of living for everyone went up, its all well and good looking at it now and saying , oooh, its all gone wrong. It did , but not just for us. Every other country except Australia has been hit, and blaming Gordon Brown for it all is up to you, but your just venting on the poor !*!@# who happened to be at the wheel when it all went off. John Major however did !*!@# all, as far as i am aware. His "Peoples Charter " anyone remember that ? No. This new lot, it doesnt matter who it was, the cuts are coming, so get ready cos its gonna be harsh, and for some more than others, as the tories will soon show you.
  21. John Major - he was the non prime minister
  22. I agree, when theres no news they make news. Everybody says things that is just idol gossip sometimes. And these people just hunt down figures that May something stupid and record it. Scum.
  23. Well the ones that do meet with they voters may get a knife in the guts. Well in certain London areas that is. Thats probably an aberration I hope. Anyway yes it would be good if your local MP wasnt just a puppet for their party. Just there to make up the numbers. I mean it should be a part time job for 5 years max. Most take second jobs. So it cannot be that taxing. And wouldnt be if your mind was made up for you by your party and all you had to do was rock up and toe the party line on every vote. Most MP's stick with the status quo in my eyes, Labours very guilty of it up in this neck of the woods. You could call them conservative in that respect. The industial days are gone and what do they stand for now, dishing out local government posts like sweets. Well looks like they're for the chop. If our MPs actually sratched their heads a bit more rather than there arses we might get a bit of PROGRESS* around here - - - * the new buzz word.
  24. Well, we will see Also it seems to give fuel to the remark..... " it doesnt matter who you vote for. They're all the same " seems to be proved.
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