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    BTFC February fixtures

    To follow on from my previous post, a few home matches coming up. Nice bar, food kiosk an.d the legend that is "The Foal" Been far too long since a consistent 100+ crowd. Surely 100 isn't much to ask from a population of ~ 15000 in the town?
  2. David Ellis

    Bedlington Terriers FC

    The Terriers need your help. Crowds are at an all time low and we need the old faces back and the new generation of supported to come through. Our current league position is false. We have an exciting team of hard working lads and a very passionate and dedicated management team in Dave and Keith. There's been a lot in the media lately regarding the troubles faced by Chester and Hartlepool. Like many teams at our level, the Terriers rely on volunteers. Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. - volunteering, helping promote the team, sponsorship etc etc. Cost-eff
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