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  1. 52 minutes ago, Eggy1948 said:

    I used them when I lived in Cramlington. Got them to give me a quote, windows,doors, guttering, fascias & soffits, when I moved to Seghill (declined their quote and got a lad from Bedlington to do them for half the price and no slava - unfortunately that was the last job the lad did, cancer got him).

    We worked most weekends doing exactly that. Fitted entire streets in Cramlington.

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  2. 1 hour ago, John Fox (foxy) said:

    I've bought a lot of their products Brett and they're all good quality stuff but they can wear you down with incessant phone calls trying to sell more.

    I was the tool monkey that fitted them as opposed to the phone monkey that sold them, just unplug your phone.

  3. 4 hours ago, John Fox (foxy) said:

    I'm sure Pennine Windows have a webcam fitted in my house, just as soon as they see me sit down to a meal they're on the phone telling me they have massive discounts on all products throughout their range.:angry:

    I used to work for pennine and can vouch for them being shady as hell. 

  4. 46 minutes ago, moe19 said:

    Brett I signed up with them years ago and have renewed my details a number of times but it made no difference to the huge number of calls we were receiving (mainly from abroad )

    Yeah, illegal callers aren't going to comply to the fact that they shouldn't be calling you because of the TPS but my landline gets minimal usage to the point where I don't even know what the number is.

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  5. Probably worth noting that you should register with the TPS (telephone Preference Service), you can also add mobile phones to this which drastically reduced phone calls getting through to my mobile.

    Can you use the BT service to block family members without them knowing?

    On 1/17/2017 at 22:31, John Fox (foxy) said:

    Yes it's outlook, but  if an address isn't valid why does it arrive in my inbox?

    There is a good chance that it's a spoofed address and the return address in the message headers is something else entirely.

  6. Hi Christopher, 

    The text editor, from what I can remember, has changed so that it is supposed to be more user friendly.

    You can still chose to edit your text unformatted or paste it in by holding Ctrl + Right Click

    Or if you are hosting images externally it should automatically embed the image as I did above if you paste a direct link to it.

    Personally I thought the previous iteration of the text editor to be worse for trying to dictate your BBCode as I always have a tendency to just type the code rather than click the buttons and it used to play havoc. I'm not sure there is an option to turn it off fully.

    Bit of a late reply, but a reply nonetheless.

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  7. Not sure how they'll cope in poor weather but definitely a sensible way of enabling rural areas to have faster connections. 

    It still bemuses me that we are building housing estates without FTTP as standard. 

    Lad I work with had just bought a brand new house in Blyth, so new they're still building others around him and he got no more than 2MB LLU. 

    It's definitely one of the things that people take into account now when deciding on residency and I have a reliance for work so living in the arse end of nowhere is alot more difficult she  you need a connection for work. 

  8. 7 hours ago, pilgrim said:

    I do miss XP!! (although I recall the days of DOS - don't let them fool you - its all still DOS under there!)

    the old pc failed and so got a new one with that appalling vista thing on it so bit the bullet and loaded the 'new' 10 - the one with a proper start menu. all was fine until for some reason one of the user accounts decided that it would not display the tiles from the blue windows logo and completely lost edge ??? so now back to IE version whatever and have a user account that runs very slowly in accessing  programmes from the start menu of windows but not from the sensible way of starting them - all other accounts are fine -since when did they become APPS???????????

    If I were you I'd do a clean install on 10 as upgrading may have borked something.

  9. Quote


    There are around two months left to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, and Microsoft is determined to get as many people using its new operating system as possible.

    As previously announced, the company is now making Windows 10 a ‘recommended’ update but if you see a box popping up reminding you to upgrade, think again before click the red ‘X’ box in the hope of rejecting it.

    Usually when you click the top right red ‘X’ icon in a window you’d expect it to shut. But in the new Windows 10 update process, clicking the ‘X’ actually lets the upgrade to go ahead.



  10. 6 minutes ago, moe19 said:

    Police said both Mr Shah and the arrested man were Muslims.

    A post on Thursday from an account that appears to be Mr Shah's said: "Good Friday and very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation x!"


    I appreciate that but it's being treat as a religious attack


    A 32-year-old man has been arrested after a Glasgow shopkeeper was killed in what Police Scotland are treating as a "religiously prejudiced" attack.

    Obviously we don't understand the motives of the attack at present.

    Ultimately people are dicks and people shouldn't have to live in fear just because they are different.

  11. I'm not going to get involved in the debate en masse, mainly because I don't have the time to come and respond to anything that I write at the moment but I figured there'd be some interesting discussion on this particular topic.

    As for the statement about muslims wanting world domination due to their holy scripture outlining these points then does it not all boil down to the interpretation of said book? There are many factions of all religions and not all of them follow their religious texts to the letter devout or not.

    The fundamentalist regime spreading throughout the middle east and Europe is what people would deem as the true interpretation of the Quran but the Wahhabi interpreted text.


    As for the threat of refugees or migrants coming to our shores and being part of a sleeper cell for a terrorist organisation is something that was always going to happen, yet it seems that we are at most risk by radicalised youths in our own countries. The more worrying bit is that these people are already known to the authorities, and were still able to commit such atrocities. There is no easy answer to the troubles we face and part of the issue may lie with Turkey or other European countries, some of which may lie closer to threegee's door than everyone realises.


    If your first question is "what is the daily beast and is it a reliable source?" then my response to that would be that you should be asking that question of every article you read. What we tend to find now is that a lot of the main coverage is performed by a core set of journalists and the reporting, stolen, shared, regurgitated and taken out of context across the internet.

    I don't have the answers, and I don't expect any of you lot will. Even if we did we wouldn't be likely to get them in front of an audience where they would be listened to, cared about our considered.

    Sad times that we are living in at present, and when these topics can stem religious attacks like the one of a Asad Shah in Scotland yesterday because this person was of a particular religion or ethnic group then we need to start worrying about the likes of the gentleman who was arrested for asking a muslim lady about Belgium.

    One thing that annoys me about the media is the different ways that they report terrorist attacks based on the racial origins of the person committing the offence. White people can still be terrorists.

    I don't tend to see a lot of these discussions on Facebook due to having removed everyone but a core group of friends, but when I heard some of the unresearched, regurgitated opinions that people discuss at work or out in public, my standard response is to research it for themselves and form their own opinion as this is how stereotypes are allowed to remain.

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