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  4. Just seen this on Facebook. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1810960039193788?view=permalink&id=1899443473678777 I replied suggesting posting here.
  5. If you're running anything under Enterprise version will this not just refer back with every update?
  6. Bedlington Central Division http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/NorthumberlandCountyCouncil/media/Councillors-and-Democracy/County Council Election Results 2017/Bedlington-Central-Divison.pdf Bedlington East Division http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/NorthumberlandCountyCouncil/media/Councillors-and-Democracy/County Council Election Results 2017/Bedlington-East-Divison.pdf Bedlington West Division http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/NorthumberlandCountyCouncil/media/Councillors-and-Democracy/County Council Election Results 2017/Bedlington-West-Divison.pdf
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    UK based 5 - 10 piece ska / reggae / soul / motown supremo's https://www.facebook.com/LiveInjectionOfficial Biography Formed in September 2009, the band vowed to put together a show like no other, incorporating a uncompromised live show featuring Trojan ska and reggae, 2 Tone ska, classic and northern soul and motown favourites. The band has been put together through a love of good music and features some of the finest musicians on the ska/reggae circuit, and once exposed to the public the band have been one of the busiest group of performers in the UK. Recently seen playing alongside many British ska legends, the band are now set to travel to the USA, due to ever increasing popular demand, and continue to 'keep the faith' through the love of music.
  9. I was driving and just caught it out the corner of my eye. Could have been any obelisk to be fair.
  10. Seen the market cross on the way through this afternoon. Really good idea and will seek out the rest. Assuming this will be included in the already existing heritage trail?
  11. We worked most weekends doing exactly that. Fitted entire streets in Cramlington.
  12. I was the tool monkey that fitted them as opposed to the phone monkey that sold them, just unplug your phone.
  13. I used to work for pennine and can vouch for them being shady as hell.
  14. Yeah, illegal callers aren't going to comply to the fact that they shouldn't be calling you because of the TPS but my landline gets minimal usage to the point where I don't even know what the number is.
  15. Probably worth noting that you should register with the TPS (telephone Preference Service), you can also add mobile phones to this which drastically reduced phone calls getting through to my mobile. Can you use the BT service to block family members without them knowing? There is a good chance that it's a spoofed address and the return address in the message headers is something else entirely.
  16. Glad to see the fruition since the POC was a resounding success haha Looking good!
  17. Hi Christopher, The text editor, from what I can remember, has changed so that it is supposed to be more user friendly. You can still chose to edit your text unformatted or paste it in by holding Ctrl + Right Click Or if you are hosting images externally it should automatically embed the image as I did above if you paste a direct link to it. Personally I thought the previous iteration of the text editor to be worse for trying to dictate your BBCode as I always have a tendency to just type the code rather than click the buttons and it used to play havoc. I'm not sure there is an option to turn it off fully. Bit of a late reply, but a reply nonetheless.
  18. Merry Christmas all from absentee me.
  19. Not sure how they'll cope in poor weather but definitely a sensible way of enabling rural areas to have faster connections. It still bemuses me that we are building housing estates without FTTP as standard. Lad I work with had just bought a brand new house in Blyth, so new they're still building others around him and he got no more than 2MB LLU. It's definitely one of the things that people take into account now when deciding on residency and I have a reliance for work so living in the arse end of nowhere is alot more difficult she you need a connection for work.
  20. If I were you I'd do a clean install on 10 as upgrading may have borked something.
  21. http://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2016/05/northumberland-village-gets-80mbps-wireless-cabinet-broadband.html
  22. I'm running a combination of Windows 7, Windows 10, Debian at home and just about to move to Windows 10 enterprise at work and we seem to be upscaling the use of Windows OS as work phones replacing the ancient blackberries.
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