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    Welcome to the site James. Hope to see further posts
  2. Popped into tesco earlier for the missus to tell me that a lady (if that term is even appropriate) I'm a bright neon pink dress had walked across the road to the social club and presented some flowers from one of the boxes to her friend. I'm sure her friend appreciated the sentiment but failed to realise how much of a Richard her mate was.
  3. Shared this on Bedlington.co.uk Twitter and Facebook
  4. http://www.newspostleader.co.uk/news/local/county-in-running-for-top-award-1-6723986 Get voting people.
  5. http://www.northumberlandsport.co.uk/news.aspx?id=6574 Would this be of interest to anyone? Malcolm? DT?
  6. Proposed change of use from shop (A1) to hot food takeaway (A5 Planning Reference: 14/01192/FUL Planning application or attached documents don't list which kind of hot food takeaway this is going to be.
  7. Installation of 1 no. non-illuminated Projecting sign and 1 no. non-illuminated fascia sign Planning Reference: 14/01840/ADE
  8. This came to my attention this morning and seems to be another Digital Economy Bill esque debate (or non-debate) http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jun/23/small-print-public-land-infrastructure-bill-lords-uk Selling off public land to private companies removing all debate for public rights of way? After the U-turn made on selling off publicly owned forests I'm not surprised at how under the radar this is. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/queens-speech-controversial-infrastructure-bill-will-allow-fracking-companies-to-drill-under-homes-without-owners-permission-9489230.html Could also open the door to less strict fracking opportunities on public (soon to be private) land. Thoughts?
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