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    But that doesn't make it bad music as it appeals to someone On the other hand "Opinions are like bumholes.......everyone has one". I'm not an avid fan of Morrissey but I don't mind the odd track.
  2. Brett


    Surely that's all subjective. For me music hold memories so my greats will vary greatly to other peoples. Yes you will always have your widely acclaimed greats but that's a whole other conversation about the availability of music and how it is now digested. When these so-called greats existed you only had music available in one format and you didn't have the array of music available to you so you tended to play the same record over and over from back to front. Albums weren't collections of songs they were a journey that took you from A-B throughout the duration. The saturation and availability of music doesn't generate your 'greats' or does it? Does it not just mean that because of the amount of music out there that there aren't as many people willing to brandish them in that way. I personally love the fact that I can find any genre of music by pretty much any artists at the click of a button but that is due to my appreciation of different types of music. I can go from listening to John Coltrane to Pink Floyd to Portico Quartet or Hidden Orchestra all in the same hour. Like I said it's subjective but just because you are not willing to accept that not everyone holds your esteemed artists as greats anymore doesn't make other people incorrect.
  3. The war on drugs at 23 is amazing as well. John Fulbright featured on a bbc4 documentary the other week which was all about country and western and the grande ole oprey. Checked him out the next day and really liked. Beck is another in that list worth checking. First aid kit featured in the top 5 of bbc 6 music albums of 2014
  4. One of the places we had tickets for was in Oslo.
  5. Here being? Seen them once before and had tickets two other times but had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Really looking forward to it
  6. ooooh thanks for reminding me about the Robert Plant one. Seen them on Jools Holland the other week and forgot to mental note it.
  7. Does that not almost make you as bad as them Sym? Making assumptions that they are all the same?
  8. Brett


    I laugh at the assumption that all younger folk have lesser taste than those of our elders. The ignorance to the fact that the artists younger generations listen to had inspirations and influences from the same era that you refer to liking. I don't tend to like 'popular' music as it is today but appreciate that it has it's place. I like alot of electronic artists now who's influences stem from early electronic acts such as Kraftwerk which would not have seen the shores had it not been for the rise of the punk scene, shortly followed by northern soul, in Manchester. Circles......it all travels in circles.
  9. Got tickets for City Hall in January. First Aid Kit
  10. Elbow - The Take Off and Landing of Everything Alt-J - This Is All Yours Bombay Bicycle Club - So Long, See You Tomorrow War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream
  11. I think what Symptoms is referring to is BT Openzone. There is a small portion of your bandwidth allocated to the Openzone so that other BT customers can use your bandwidth if they are in your vicinity. This is also an opt-out solution so is turned on by default. I wouldn't imagine that these would appear in your logs as it is technically not your WiFi network. I have no technical explanation for the above as I have not seen the GUI for the Homehub 5 but in the grand scheme of things it could be BT reporting usage statistics amongst other things.
  12. I seen the video for the first time last night and all I could think towards the end is that Germany would have won on penalties. I'm not a one for the whole Christmas advert, surely if they wanted to portray a poignant message then why wait until Christmas? Why can't they do this all year round? I don't think the advert is going to make people go and shop at Sainsbury but can't help but think that the only reason to do it is to push sales at Christmas.
  13. Was having a gander in at the shop where they were making all sorts of goodies the other day. Looked really nice having another shop besides tesco with lights on. I made the assumption that we plumped for a smaller tree to cater for the amount of visitors and stalls. If only someone had some way of filming the entire thing from the air
  14. Brett


    The fact that they are stealing the stuf in the first place shows that they have no morals or remorse so why would they stop at something like this that looked valuable?? It's the lowest of low to do that to someone but then the sentimental value that the particular item holds makes it even worse. I do hope they get it back. Would it be worth mentioning Op Soundwave which the local constabulary are running here? http://www.northumbria.police.uk/advice_and_information/crime_prevention/Home_Security/property/register_property/index.asp Create an inventory of your items and get them back if they are found.
  15. The idea has been suggested to create a page of handy links for members and public to use so that they have a place to access all the information they could possibly need and not have to remember lots of different addresses or navigate websites to go around in circles. If you can list here which sort of websites and links you use regularly which you think would be helpful to other members. • Council Links • Local Events Listings Whatever you think would be useful.
  16. Brett

    The Modern Web.

    http://dashes.com/anil/2012/12/the-web-we-lost.html Intriguing thought and not surprised as you hear more and more people say that social media is a necessity yet find it highly boring. Especially if you are an organisation promoting products or services.
  17. Was in doctor pit Park last week for the first time. It's lovely. Never had to go past before and expected it to be smaller than it is.
  18. I don't personally but welcome to the site all the same.
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