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  1. I'll just leave this here. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/northumberland-county-council-criticised-creating-9335362
  2. Brett


    Got Ex Machina to watch amongst others but if your a Sci-Fi person it's worth checking out apparently.
  3. http://thesetpieces.com/features/pieces-hate-geordie-bashers/
  4. https://www.facebook.com/MCmediahouse/videos/1628827587330865/
  5. Heh, Just seen this. Took the day off work as we had a hospital appointment and two doctors appointments for the kids. Not as glamorous these days unfortunately. Thanks for the well wishes.
  6. Personally I am an undecided voter based on the fact that I haven't read policies or manifestos. I am actively interested in politics and how it affects us at a local, national and international level but I also feel that I am a disillusioned voter at the same time. This election seems to be more about vote against the people you don't want to get in rather than who you do. I personally agree with a lot that UKIP has to offer but the way they are portrayed in the media seems to attract the mental ones. If they were able to disassociate from that then I think they would have more of a chance. Obviously easier said than done with national newspapers clearly having their favourite colour. One comment I seen on Twitter that supports the fact that most people in the local area are indoctrinated into the ballot paper decision: Tweet to Paul Nuttall after his visit to the Bedlington UKIP office: "I don`t want to appear negative but, you could put a red rosette on a monkey up there and he/she`d win Good Luck" People vote labour because it's all they have ever known, because that's what their Dad voted and their Dad after them and we're all taught to hate the tories because of the mine closures and Thatcher is a witch etc etc. It's a mild form of social conditioning and people really need to start making their own minds up. If you just watch Question Time, you have to take into account that certain parties are under represented and even then the gossip of neutral undecided voters who are actually politically associated with parties is rife and causes further disinterest. *sigh*
  7. On the leaflet drop that occurred yesterday, it seemed apparent that it was pre-empting the sale of the building to ARCH and that the agreement was in principle and nothing formally agreed. Also seemed strange that not everyone in Bedlington received the leaflet. I certainly didn't get one! This appeared to anger residents more than reassure and most people made reference to the coincidental timing. Seems NCC planned the delivery just in time for the protest. Or did they. This cropped up on Twitter on my 'Bedlington' filter. Looks to me like desperation, as well as misleading, as it's not suggested that this was organised by the council but the Labour party. Call me cynical. For those that couldn't make it, a few photos: Photo Credit: John S Coulson Photo Credit: MC-Media
  8. So this cropped up today. Thoughts?
  9. Facebook event for those interested: https://www.facebook.com/events/659321610840222/
  10. Brett

    TV Trouble

    After thinking about this, I have experienced some blocky images on the 2nd TV using FreeView recently. Can't remember which channels specifically but Quest is often on in an evening so that would make it SDN multiplex. I just assumed it would be the kids messing about with the aerial. https://at800.tv/
  11. Brett

    TV Trouble

    Must just be up the posh end
  12. I've seen many a wing mirror come off down there. Many just drive off as if it didn't happen too.
  13. Brett

    UKIP advertising

    Depends how much he was offering to the moderators
  14. Brett

    UKIP advertising

    Just for clarity. Any legitimate organisation can advertise here. I need a drink after that.
  15. If you go on to Land Registry Portal and zoom right in to the property/land where you want to view the details. Then turn on Find Properties (this only becomes active when you zoom in far enough) This allows you to select the area on the map and displays the results before for potential plots. This tells you the address associated to the bit of land you selected and in this particular case it is freehold. I would assume if it's free hold then the council can help.
  16. Surely this will reduce the amount of allegations classed as rape too.
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