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  1. Bedlington Juniors about 1964
  2. Also Ancestry, there is subscription, but is quite comprehensive. I also used Familysearch which is free which can sometimes fill in the gaps.
  3. Rigger


    17. Bob Cowans 36. John Dixon I believe
  4. Confirm 26 is NOT Pat Brown
  5. Thanks for your help. Will give give it a try. The names you mention associated with Bedlington CC I can just remember from the the distant past! I remember working with a guy at Dr Pit called Bill Anderson, a Terrier breeder, he was a wicket keeper at Bedlington CC at one time with the nickname 'hands'. I was never sure if it was a compliment!!
  6. Cames across this medal which belonged to me father George Johnstone. The medal is inscribed Bedlington CC 1936. I knew my father played for West Seekburn 2nd XI who were League Champions in 1931 and have a photo of that team. I was not aware my father played for Beblington CC. Any 1936 photos out there?
  7. Given this a few years ago by my aunt. The only clue is on the back of photo which says - 3rd guy 2nd row is Topper McGlen (does not say left to right!). Also an address 23, Beech Terrace Topper was born 1898 in Bedlington and was the son of Michael McGlen 1861 -1933 Anyone recognise any of the others? Not sure what the occasion was.
  8. So it looks like Bedlington MIssion. Thanks to everyone for their help on this one. I will now label the original photo with this infromation for future generations!!
  9. I have looked closely again at the original photo. No indication of photographer. However with photo enlarged the two shield each contain what looks like 11 medals each (one for each player on a team?). The groups of medals on the shields are different style but each has an eye on the top. I think these are not shields but are a display boards to hold the medals. Maybe the photo is to celebrate the winning of two events (e.g. cup and league) and these are the medals to be awarded to the players. What do you think?
  10. My aunt and my family are all from Bedlington and no connections with Ashington. When I got the package of photos which included the team photo my aunt had written on the accompanying letter Bedlington Terriers football team for some reason. She could have been mistaken. I will have another look at the original to see who the photographer was or other clues. Cheers
  11. Yes it was me. I posted this on one of those sites sixtownships or Bedlington.
  12. Like I said the photo was sent to me a few years ago by my aunt Margaret Peggy Hall who was born in 1925 and last I heard she was still alive. Just checked the back of original photo to see if there are any clues, alas not.
  13. I acquired this photo from my aunt who is in her nineties now. Does anyone know about the history of this team? or who is in the photo? Bedlington Terriers Football Team
  14. As memtioned before, if you are looking for information about your relatives who may have served in the 1914-1918 War you might find their story on this website along with other information about the War Memorials in the area. I have attached two stories to show what is available on this website. While researching these soldiers we find not may photographs are available. If anyone reading this has photos of WW1 soldiers in uniform with information such as name, service number and regiment we would like to add them to this site. 1. Rogers, George Thomas.docx 1. Orange, Snowden Foggan.docx
  15. Was never sure which planet I was on in those days. Checked my records and find on the 16th July 1969 (2.32 pm GMT +1) I was probably (down pit) at Kellingley Colliery. Did I miss anything!
  16. Cheers I will get something off later
  17. Bradford I may have some information on your family. Not sure what you have. Also I have found a family tree with your family on. How would you like this sent?
  18. Yes, I think No. 40 is Christine Rowell
  19. We cracked it, full house. Well done everyone. Its also helped my memory!!
  20. Would agree 31 is Kathleen Brown. Just leaves boys nos 3 and 21 for a full set.
  21. With help from one of the girls from the photo 15. Dorren Anderson, 16. Margaret Coppin, 17. Margaret Morton, 18. Jacqueline Armstrong, 19. Pat French, 20. Pat May?, 24. Barbara Smith?, 25. Anne Tyler, 26. Janice Hindhaugh, 27. Lesley Bainbridge, 31. Kathleen Brown, 32. Eileen Brown, 33. Joyce Butcher, 34. Lorraine Armstrong, 35. ?, 36. Yvonne Williamson, 37. ?, 38. Ann Chapplehow, 39. Ann McClellan, 40. Janice Rowsett, 41. Anna Thain, 42. Margaret Humble?, 43. Lorna Hudson
  22. 1. Michael Southern 2. Derek Johnstone 3. ? 4. John Darling 5. Cliff Coultas 6. Eric Burn 7. Lawrence Stoker 8. Melvin French 9. Alan Jones 10. Colin Crosby 11. Joseph Miller 12. Joe Potts 13. Mick Hedley 14. Brian Goodwill 22. John Marshall 23 Paul Mann 28. Mr Abrehart 29. Miss Wilkenson 30 Mr Stafford More names to follow
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