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  1. Mr Marley's Julius Ceasar production c1960 with names

    Do not believe this is David Moscrop. Is it Derek Taylor?
  2. Mr Marley's Julius Ceasar production c1960 with names

    No 11 - may not be correct. I recognise his face - first name could be Derek (nickname Skin!), then again it was about 60 years ago!!
  3. Mr Marley's Julius Ceasar production c1960 with names

    Believe #18 is Derek Johnstone as he was in the same class as a Eric Burn, John Darling and Brian Goodwill and was in that play.
  4. Ford Castle Bedlington Grammar.jpg

    Thanks, I do not know any of the others.
  5. John Chave

    Have not tried this one , thanks
  6. Ford Castle Bedlington Grammar.jpg

    Not a problem, go ahead. Cheers
  7. John Chave

    Looking for some help. I have been researching soldiers from Bedlington who died in the First World War from those listed in the Record of Enlistments (original held at St Cuthbert's Church) and a copy avaibable on the NEWMP website. There is one soldier on that list I cannot trace at this time. The only information I have is the following : John Chave. Corporal. West Yorkshire Regiment. Killed in Action. Living at Vulcan Place, Bedlington when he enlisted. I have tried all the usual sources of information. Chave is not a common name but does not yeld any leads. Its possible his name was recorded incorrectly, I have tried combinations of his name. Does anyone have any information or guidance on this soldier who was killed in action. Thanks
  8. Bedlington Grammar School at Ford Castle about 1960, guess. The only one I can identify is Patricia Brown who is in the second row from front second from right.
  9. Old Bedlington Photographs & Stories

    Just read this section having only joined several weeks ago and see a reference to a local polis providing a crime exhibition in the foyer of the Prince of Wales mid 50s. I can remember PC Mann chasing me as a youngster from a building site (great place to play in the rafters of a new house!) where I was not supposed to be. Also remember his son Paul who was in my class at school. Last saw him in the Duke of Wellington Club at Blyth.
  10. Sunnyside Cottages, Choppington

    A good description. I have attcahed part of map I hope!
  11. Sunnyside Cottages, Choppington

    Many thanks for the photo and your help. With this and the old map I found online, which shows its location, I can complete what I was doing.
  12. Hi, help needed.....again. Does anyone out there have a photo of Sunnyside Cottages at Choppington. I know where they are (were). Needed for a family tree project. Thanks
  13. Foggans Yard

    Used to get my hair cut there. When getting my hair cut as a youngster I heard the expression 'something for the weekend sir'. I had to ask my dad what it meant!, was he embarressed.
  14. Foggans Yard

    Thanks for the infromation and the picture . Did the shop become Joe Alsop barbers??
  15. Foggans Yard

    Can anyone tell me where Foggans Yard in Bedlington was? Is a photo of Foggans Yard available? The place comes up in some work I am doing and I am not sure where it was. Any help appreciated.