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  1. Thank you, a much clearer image and interesting update about its subsequent use. William Allan wine and spirit merchants were at 4 Prudhoe Place Newcastle now long gone and built over.
  2. A Google image search for "alma inn bedlington" brought me to one of the composite pictures of drinking establishments that you put up on the website. It is rather small but I now have some idea of what it looked like.
  3. On the night of September 2nd 1942 a bomb fell on Glebe Row in Bedlington damaging one of the cottages. In 1861 Mary Ewart (b 1837) lived in 11 Glebe row and married Robert Wilkinson. There are Ewarts in our family tree but I have not found a link so probably coincidence.
  4. My great grandfather owned the Alma Inn and some cottages in Glebe Row. I have a copy of the valuation for probate dated 1935. The property was finally sold by the family in 1947. I was interested to see a picture of the Alma Inn on your site and thought these two scans may be of interest local historians, they give a detailed description of the properties
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