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  1. Panic on the streets of Swindon Get well soon, Morrissey, you daft old "race-storm" curmudgeon.
  2. Twice you've referred to Bonnie Greer as the Token Black American. Was Baroness Warsi the Token Asian? Was Nick Griffin the Token Racist? There have been black people in Britain since the 16th century. It would be crass and insensitive for Jack Straw to blithely assume that somebody who isn't white is automatically "from immigrant stock", just as it would be equally foolish to assume that somebody who is white and has an English accent is not "from immigrant stock". The much-derided notion of "Political Correctness" is mainly just an attempt to avoid causing people offence by clumsy use of language or making unfounded assumptions based on cultural differences.
  3. Griffin was thoroughly exposed as a simpering, grubby little turd with no more intellectual or political credibility than some drunken pub bore regurgitating half-remembered Littlejohn columns from The Mail. Other than hardcore racists, bigots and fools, I'd imagine anybody who has voted for his party recently will be feeling slightly embarrassed about that right about now.
  4. Best comedy double acts, you say? Lee & Herring, Fry & Laurie, Laurel & Hardy, Armstrong & Miller, Mitchell & Webb, The Two Ronnies, Vic & Bob, The Mighty Boosh and Flight of the Conchords.
  5. How you like them apples, Rory Bremner?
  6. Not for nothing, but this teenage rollerblader isn't exactly filled with enthusiasm at any of these options. Buskers? Street Theatre? Craft Fairs? F that S! Taking into account all the boodyhoodying on the other thread about parking charges, why not simply convert the market place into more parking spaces, eh? There's some joined-up thinking for you, right there. J-U T!
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K21e7po1Sro Stewart Lee on political correctness.
  8. Hi de hi, campers! Let's get those scores on the chalet doors. It's as tight as a gnat's chuff at the top of the league as Pete scoops the prize for September on goal difference. Well played Pete, hard luck Neil. Elsewhere, a failure to enter all their predictions costs Fourgee and TonyC, who bring up the rear. The mysterious DavePa would appear to have packed his things and gone, vanishing into the ether with nary a trace. End of month standings: Pdean 23 pts (GD -35) Ruddoug09 23 (GD -40) Supermac 20 Hamburger Pimp 19 TonyC 16 Fourgee 15 October will soon be on us, so predict long and predict hard. Beddie, preddie, go!
  9. Please, keep your grubby trolling to your own league's thread. This one is for the grown-ups.
  10. Look who's back in the motherlovin' house, with an update for your motherlovin' mouth! Steamin' like a demon to the top of the chart like a Leicester Pigott, it's good old Pete with a corking total of 18. Splendid work, sir! Elsewhere, DavePa and Fourgee have fallen foul of Rule #1 of Prediction Club: enter some predictions. Standings: Pdean 18 pts Supermac 16 Ruddoug09 16 Hamburger Pimp 12 Fourgee 9 DavePa 8 TonyC 5 Get your predictions in early, pop pickers. You've got to be in it to win it, innit?
  11. An owl friend of mine proposed marriage via the internet. He used a Tweet to woo.
  12. Bollywood snippet featuring a mad-faced primordial dwarf bodypopping to MC Miker G and DJ Sven's "Summer Holiday" before cadging a relaxing tab. Lovely stuff.
  13. I bet Whoopi Goldberg is feeling a little apprehensive at the moment, no?
  14. Fix up, look sharp! Prediction league catch-up time. Straight to the top of the league is Johnny-come-lately-new-kid-in-town Fourgee, with a hefty double digit score. Standings: Fourgee 10 pts Davepa 8 pdean 7 hamburger pimp 6 ruddoug09 6 Supermac 5 TonyC 4 There's another packed premier league programme this weekend, so get down and get with it, predictioneers!
  15. RIP Swalnalla and commiserations to the family.
  16. Is it that time of the month again? It seems that way. Time for the August final placings, that is. It literally couldn't be tighter as we have joint winners. Ruddoug09 30 pts Hamburger Pimp 30 DavePa 26 SuperMac 22 pdean 21 TonyC 21 Fourgee 19 Excellent debuts there from terrier Neil and the late-joining Fourgee. We're already into the new September competition with scores reset, so it's literally* anybody's to win. Keep saying that sooth, sports fans! *Not literally.
  17. Belated birthday wishes to the "copy'n'paste" king.
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