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  1. Thanks for replying, yes it was a tenuous link but shy bairns get nowt!? Robert Thompson Dobson the date is 21st Jan according to newspaper clipping but no year although we reckon from his age it was 1930-2. It also mentions an explosion but no further details. Thank you for the Wikipedia reminder I was getting a bit blinkered.
  2. Thank you Vic Sorry this is off topic but... I noticed your location, Canada, and weirdly I have just emailed there in connection with family tree. A Great Uncle died in a place called Beloeil in an explosion, which is really as much information I have apart from a rough date. I haven't found any thing as yet but only recently started researching, so if you have any pointers I would be very grateful.
  3. Wonderful isn't it! I was amazed at the time as well, dirty stop outs? This was kept from when they were courting. Jimmy worked in the Co-op Butchers below, from age 13, and remained with the Co-op at Annitsford and Cramlington. Other side of card
  4. I've recently joined and found this old post, just incase you're still interested I took a photo of a dance card belonging to MIL Mother. This was above the Co-op, is this the mystery hall?
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    Eggy thank you so much for sharing these pictures, I absolutely know Mum will be thrilled to see these. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.
  6. Dawn


    Malcolm H My MIL lived and played there, Joan Dobson then, she remembers melting her chocolate by the heat of the forge, c1935 Other known occupants of Wilson's yard were Billy Wilson (Blacksmith) & son Billy Jack Gilhooly Janey Scott Mullins White McPake and two sisters Mum is struggling with her memory now, so I am trying to put together a family history/tree for her. Her father Jimmy worked in the cooperative butchers for many years starting at Bedlington Station, his family lived in South Row.
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    Thank you for that Eggy just returned from Mums and talked further about Wilson's yard, she'll be delighted by this.
  8. Dawn


    Rather late to the post but having just found it, someone may still be interested. Wilson's yard My MIL used to live in Wilson's yard. Wilson as far as she remembers was the blacksmiths. A big old house with a number of families. White and Gilhooley only names off the top of my head, will ask and update. This may only be an urban myth but she is convinced some or all of the blacksmiths shop went to Beamish. Should anyone have any images, you'd make my Mum very happy.
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