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  1. Oh, lovely people! I'm so sad I've been quiet for so long! Been thinking long and hard about how to say thank you for such warm, overwhelming and welcoming response. Thank you all for your tips, we have noted down every one of them and will try to do as much as we can find time to do! I will update you with some pictures and tales when we get back! Just wanted to tell you guys that I haven't thrown away all your hard work and kind words! Hej! is the correct response. You can also say Hallå! (Hello!). Hej! is close to Hi! Once again, thanks for everything! I'll recap after we get home the fifteenth.
  2. Hi all! We are a couple from Sweden that's going to be road tripping thru parts of Scotland (landing by plane in Edinburgh and going down to London) and England. We have a lovely ten-year-old Bedlington Terrier that we will have to leave at home unfortunately but the history of the breed and your town is presenting us with too good of a story not to come and pass through your lovely town. We are wondering if there's anything we simply can't miss and if there are any traces left of the coal mines or anything related to the history of the dogs and the people? We will probably come through on the 8th of August. We will take a detour on our way to the Lake District via the coastline from Edinburgh, so it's not a trip for rushing but for adventure and sights! Hopefully someone will have some good tips for us! Sincerely / Lars and Jennifer (and Nova the Bedlington terrier!)
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