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  1. Joe McNally

    Dr Pit Welfare Park

    I used to live at 11 Gladstone Terrace in the 50's before moving to Australia in 1960. I remember the shed and roundabout in the background. The "Parky" was Mr Elliott and lived at no.10. He was indeed more interested in his bowling green and gardens than the playground . Still, we had some great times there.
  2. Joe McNally

    1950 Class1 numbered.jpg

    Not sure,but I think No.7 could be my cousin Ernie Middleton. We are both the same age and grew up together but I went to St.Bedes. I also remember Joe Jordan and Tommy Wilkinson who sadly died in a road accident at North Seaton.
  3. Joe McNally


    I thought no.17 looked a bit like me (Joe McNally) but obviously not. Jimmy Burke (No.18) is my cousin but I don't think we were in the same class. I would have been 8 years old at the time and Miss Onscavich was my first teacher in 1950.
  4. Joe McNally


    Sorry to join this topic so late but I thought I could share some thoughts and memories. I remenber watching the Mechanics in the late 50's at Millne Park. One game in particular against Amble in front of a huge crowd in a Northern Alliance game. The "Welfare" at the time played down the road at Welfare Park in the Miners Welfare league. I left for Australia in 1960 and returned for a couple of years in '65. The Mechanics and the Welfare had folded and for a brief period the only side around was Bedlington Juniors and a team called "East End". I returned to Australia in '67 and I believe the Terriers were formed shortly afterwards. Best Wishes, Joe McNally
  5. Joe McNally

    Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New Year from Oz !
  6. Joe McNally

    Merry Christmas

    Greetings from Adelaide . Wishing everyone in Bedlington a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.
  7. Joe McNally

    A Mechanics football team ?

    Bedlington Mechanics wore red & white "Arsenal" type shirts and played at Millne Park behind the market place in the 50's.This photo could be Bedlington Welfare who were green & white stripes at that time.The picture could be at Welfare Park in front of the bowling pavilion.