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  1. I remember the estate as Rutherford’s Farm and the adjoining fields. Dunstanburgh Close is around where the farm itself was. The fields ran down to the burn. Around about the area that is now Conway Close was an old dilapidated stone barn which stood alone in the field. I seem to remember around the late 70’s the grandfather of the Rutherford family was found hanged in the barn. There seems to be a lot of paranormal activity around the area. The Wharton and old Ridge Farm pubs have a history of sightings and mysterious happenings.
  2. Looks like Sid Smart far left and Freddie Lumsden next to him.
  3. Raymond Bradley is the first photo. Used to be in the colliery band. I recognise a few others. Photo 7 looks like Joe Johnston. Let me have a think about names...
  4. If he played brass, then I’m sure Joe Grant Senior will know who it was. I’m not sure if he’s on here however this is the link to his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/joe.grant.1042032
  5. The small guy at the front of the group photo is Raymond Bradley who was involved with the Netherton Colliery Band. Directly behind him looks like John Carr. Ted Stewart pictured in the last photo at The Grapes was a great friend of our family (Leonard's) I remember him winning the pools many moons ago. Seem to recall it was around £11,000 which was a fortune at the time. He unfortunately lost his young son in a tragic accident when he drowned near Choppington Brick Yard. I used to see him in the last Top Club along with Jimmy Cunningham who ran the Institute at Netherton. Sadly neither with us any more.
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