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  1. Bandsman1966


    Ah, now, if you compare the names from the "earlier" pic I see the 2 young lads #'s 26/7 named as Hutton & Clark, on this pic #2 and #9 a few years older.....we're (mostly you) are starting to pin this timeframe down.
  2. Bandsman1966

    1906 or later Netherton.jpg

    Great stuff, I've no idea who dad asked in obtaining those names, he was born in '33, or where he got the pic from. The only date we can be certain of is that it was sometime after 1906. They had "military" style uniforms by the 50's and the name changed several times over the years.
  3. Bandsman1966


    Not sure, it would be logical to presume it was taken at Netherton. I recognise a very young Billy Hamilton kneeling in the front. Tank top wearer not the trombonist. It might be Arthur Brodie directly behind his left shoulder (white shirt and braces)
  4. Bandsman1966


    I believe it is North Seaton band, W (Billy) Litster was there as was (I think) W S (sammy) Bond. The rest are not familiar to me.
  5. Bandsman1966


    Seems correct to me.
  6. Bandsman1966

    Footage of Netherton Colliery Village 1970 to 1973

    Thanks for the heads up on that video Eggy 1948
  7. Bandsman1966

    Footage of Netherton Colliery Village 1970 to 1973

    Yes that's Raymond on the left, I think Arthur Brodie is on the right. Only seeing this on a tablet so can't be sure about the band members playing but it's definitely W (Billy) Hamilton in the middle & conducting. I think I see Joe Grant and one of the Cuthbertsons there too.
  8. Bandsman1966

    1964Netherton at CISWO Finals Blackpool.jpg

    Not a name I knew, but I'd say you're right. Now looking at the band photo which looks a couple of years later there are also 2 youngish lads stacked on the steps, right of centre. Could they be the trombonists in the quartet? G Railton (could be in that position) and possibly Turnbull or Dickinson behind/above?
  9. Bandsman1966


    Of those I can positively identify, #'s 18,22,28,29,37 100% accurate. These are a high probability #'s 20,23,25,32,34. Excellent work. Thank you for your fantastic patience.
  10. Bandsman1966


    I don't, whenever the pit closed, or the village hall/club was shut. I don't remember exactly where we rehearsed in the village or how they came to be the B N band and move to Cramlinton. Those dates are accurate (probably) so 74-76 but the workers at the factory objected, loudly, to the band rehearsing at the far end of their canteen and my mum gave up and dad and I changed bands. I've no idea how long the band survived after that. The Cuthbertsons and others went to Ellington Colliery, some to Ashington and others Lynemouth bands. I do remember the ties were an awful yellow polyester and there was no budget to provide a jacket for me hence my pullover with badge sewn on in my profile pic (with mother) the hats were Netherton's.
  11. Bandsman1966

    1964Netherton at CISWO Finals Blackpool.jpg

    Cool. Front 'line' L-R is Ridley, Bradley, Hamilton, Elsie Steel, Smith. Joe Grant is on the left, between the "E" of Sutcliffe sign and the carriage lamp. I can't actually see Ray Douglas or Jimmy Golding in the background. Not certain which is ¿Kenny? Bond.
  12. Bandsman1966


    Actually, dad was fairly good at tagging so the list might be correct from rear to front, left to right in ranks.
  13. Bandsman1966


    Yes, if it helps I am certain of a couple of the identities. (BTW you missed the H from Netherton). Known at this time as Netherton Colliery Workmens Brass Band. First man far left of pic is Geo. Cuthbertson. Baritone/Euphonium. To his left on the rank (with hat tipped back) might be ¿Clarence?Milburn. Baritone/Euph. Youngster is probably Stevie Robertson. Cornet. Bloke in front of side drum looks like Joe Grant. Tenor Horn, though I only knew him as a cornet player so he could be ('face obscured by his music, bloke in specs) next to the tall guy not in uniform
  14. Bandsman1966


    Please do, there's plenty of people out there who had family in the Bands and will love seeing their "ancestors". I did look about on the other pages and see your labeling method, it's a great idea, if I'd noticed before I uploaded the pics I'd not have needed to include scans of the labels.
  15. Bandsman1966


    Tommy was "old" then. Probably around sixty, but to a ten year old anyone over 40 was ancient.